Menu week of 4/8

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Menu week of 4/8
Sun, 04-08-2012 - 12:12pm


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Mon, 04-09-2012 - 6:36am
mon....left over chicken with salad
tues...left over salad with pizza
wed...probably hot dogs and cheddarwursts (karate for us too)
thursday.....chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans and biscuits
Friday....dont'' know we have swim and karate
Saturday...friends are coming for dinner so spaghetti with meatballs, and cheese toast, and they are bringing the salad!
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Mon, 04-09-2012 - 7:17am

I am off of work this week so haven't put much thought into it

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Mon, 04-09-2012 - 9:34am
Sunday ham and potatoes

Monday leftovers

Tuesday not sure

wednesday thru Saturday anything quick or in the crockpot play practice and the play on Friday nite and Saturday nite and Sunday afternoon

I need to shop for meats so I will plan on meals after that