Menus--week of 1/24

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Menus--week of 1/24
Sun, 01-24-2010 - 4:02pm

What's for dinner?

Probably fend-for-yourself tonight. We went out to lunch to celebrate my b-day that was a few days ago. I'm not hungry and don't feel like cooking so the rest can figure something out, lol!

I need to go check the schedule for the week and plan some dinners that will fit that.


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Sun, 01-24-2010 - 5:09pm


Sunday- orange infused porkchops with wild rice, and glazed carrots

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Sun, 01-24-2010 - 8:19pm

Sun-black-eyed peas and cornbread (my husband decided no more beans for a while after tonight) :OD

Mon-chicken enchiladas


Wed-homemade pizza

Thurs-chicken stuffing bake

Fri-tortilla soup

Sat-country style ribs

BTW Sprouts has chicken breasts, counrty style ribs, and pock butt steaks on sale for $1/pound till Wed.


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mom to Maggie and Andrew

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Sun, 01-24-2010 - 10:38pm

Sunday -tonight-sloppy joes, corn, french fries

Monday-ham slices, green beans, rice

Tuesday- Pork Roast, carrots, patatoes

Wednesday-spiced chicken, noodles, broccoli


Friday-hamburgers, fries, fruit

Sat eat out

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Mon, 01-25-2010 - 7:02am

Sunday: leftovers
Monday: Dinner at MIL
Tuesday: Pinto Beans and Cornbread
Wednesday: Hamburger helper with salad and another veggie
Thursday: veggie spaghetti
Friday: pancakes and turkey sausage
Saturday: Chop-steak, potatoes, and green beans
Sunday: leftover

:) Jess

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Mon, 01-25-2010 - 11:26am

Monday - Pumpkin Pancakes and Turkey bacon

Tuesday -


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Mon, 01-25-2010 - 11:46am

I am not sure of meals this week since I yet to do a major grocery shopping trip since we are low on cash and making the best out of mix match meals

last nite was chicken,noodle packet brococolli with some changes for food allergy girls

tonite is something simple

tomorrow I plan on using a gift card to buy a few meals since all we have in the freezer is chicken of different variety and bacon,bulk pork which is defrosting in the frig to make patties for lunches and some ravolilos with pasta sauce

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Mon, 01-25-2010 - 5:39pm

Sun - pizza

Mon - I'm on my own, kids and DH went to MIL's

Tues - Lentil soup and sandwiches

Wed - pork loin

Thurs - homemade ramen

Fri - date night with DH!

Sat - hmm, not sure yet!



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