What to do with tons of tomatoes

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What to do with tons of tomatoes
Fri, 09-16-2011 - 12:12am
They predict a frost advisory tonight. So my neighbor sent over a huge grocery bag of tomatoes. Most were green. I have a bunch in all the window sills in the kitchen and the back bedroom. I may line some up in my bay window. Hoping they ripen up quick. Then got to decide how to use them. I thought about blanching them. Peel off the skin. Then freeze. Or make pasta sauce. A small amount I will make some fried green tomatoes. It was a surprise all the tomatoes. I got in from work. Little while later door bell rings. Who's there now. Wow it was a big Aldi's grocery bag of tomatoes and a few more cucumbers.


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Sat, 09-17-2011 - 2:16pm
homemade salsa ,my mom had a recipe for tomato strawberry jam you used tomatoes and I think strawberry jello maybe google it
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Sun, 09-18-2011 - 9:02am
Yum! I love tomatoes and will be so sad when ours are gone.
Homemade salsa is so good. My Mom used to make a relish with green tomatoes.
Enjoy your tomatoes!