Almost a total freezer flop!

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Almost a total freezer flop!
Sat, 03-28-2009 - 2:07pm

DH gave soda up as his New Year's resolution. Not that he was mainlining the stuff, but it was easily 2-3 cans a day average.

We have our old frig in the basement that was primarily the soda frig, with it being used occasionally for other stuff or large things. The freezer is used regularly.

Now that there's no soda to store in there, I was looking at turning the frig down (or up as that case may be) so that it would run the minimal amount. In looking at the dials, there are two at the back. The one on the left is labeled Freezer and is a dial to adjust the coldness. The one on the right (about 9 inches away) is labeled refrigerator and again adjusts the coldness, but this one includes an Off setting. I thought, perfect! I'll turn off the frig portion and leave the freezer as is. DH asked if I was sure that that OFF setting applied only to the frig, and I was sure it did.

Decidding that I needed to verify said setting this morning (I turned it off on Wednesday night) I checked the freezer. CRAP! I was wrong! I quickly turned the frig back on and let it run for an hour or so before checking the foods. Thankfully, the bulk of what is in there is fruits, vegetables, butter, breads, so not a huge deal if they thaw some and need to be refrozen. There were a couple of bags of chicken breasts that were in the middle of the freezer and were thankfully still very cold and stiff. There was a pound of hamburger that was in the door that was completely thawed, so I pitched that, and one of my pork roasts was partially thawed (though the freezer bag still had some ice crystals inside.) I took that out for dinner this evening and it's in the crockpot on high as we speak. I think everything else will be ok.

I would have been livid at myself if I hadn't have checked the freezer.