Didn't expect this bill right now.....

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Didn't expect this bill right now.....
Fri, 08-07-2009 - 10:59am

Thought I was taking dd in for adjustment to her braces, but since she had 4 baby teeth removed last month ($1033 dollars), they decided she was ready for Phase II. So they send us out of the chair into the office for the next round of payment.

Ok, no problem. Just a surprise timing issue. But the bill! Her Phase II is $4860 bucks!!!!!!!!!!

Last time we got a cash discount of 20% by paying it all right then. This time they've lowered the discount to 3%, so I would save almost nothing. So I set up a payment plan with them.

I was thinking that her Phase II would be around the same cost as her Phase I. Of course, that price was probably the one I got SEVEN years ago when she started Phase I.

But although it was more expensive than I thought, this ortho has been worth it. He's the number one most experienced ortho in S. Cal for kids with cleft lips and palates. He only charged $1800 for Phase I and we were seen for 7 years. AND, he worked on her FOR FREE, for two and a half hours just after Christmas when she broke the aveolus ridge bone in her face when she hooked her teeth on a playground cable and flayed them all out like a mule! So I'm still ok with the price. It was just a timing issue. Especially since we just spent the $1033 last month to get the teeth pulled.

She better NEVER tell me that she hasn't brushed though. LOL

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Fri, 08-07-2009 - 1:04pm
I know how you feel. My DD (20) is still wearing a retainer but we are officially