Why drug prices vary store to store

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Why drug prices vary store to store
Sun, 07-12-2009 - 4:29pm
I can't understand prices of drugs.


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Sun, 07-12-2009 - 5:44pm
The prices of drug items IS crazy.
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Sun, 07-12-2009 - 7:18pm

a lot of stores around here price match the $4 prescription meds...I was going to Walmart and hated it because of the lines/wait...but now I do Kroger where there is never a line

OTC I use the generic zyrtec....and I've noticed as it's been out longer as an OTC the prices have gone down in most stores...it also goes down as you buy more, I usually buy a 120 ct for about $20...but the 30 ct is way more per pill

I don't think medications are any different than most other products though....the stores get a bigger discount for buying more and can pass that savings on to the customer....so shopping around is a good idea, one store may get a great deal on cold meds, but not antacids and vice versa.


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Mon, 07-13-2009 - 11:00am

I used to get Zyrtec by prescription ($30.00 for

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Tue, 07-14-2009 - 2:11am
Just had to say, my Dd, also 20 like yours, was born 2 days before yours, on March29th, 1989!