Feedback needed RE: Boards

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Feedback needed RE: Boards
Mon, 06-02-2003 - 11:17am
I received this today from one of the MODS. If you have problems with the board loading, please take a moment and do this. This is to help get things better around here!



We are taking a serious look at the problems that some members have

reported regarding board slowness. So, in order to help us pinpoint

where the problems may be, can you post this questionnaire on your

board and ask members if they are having problems to fill it out and

send it to ASAP.

Thanks so much for your help:

Which message board are you in? (Need webtag or URL)

What server are you on? (View source, then copy first line)

What is the time (include time zone)

Where are you geographically? (for example, Atlanta, Georgia)

What is your browser? (Use Help/about for the exact version)

What is your OS (XP, Windows 98, etc)

Who is your ISP?

What type of internet connection do you have (dial-up, modem, DSL)

If dial-up, what is your modem speed?

Are you logged in, or viewing the message boards as a guest?

If you're logged in, what is your username?

Which message board pages (URLs) are slow for you? (If all, list 3

of the slowest)

How long does each of the slow pages take to load? (in seconds)

When the iVillage message board pages are slow, are other internet

sites also slow? (try

When the iVillage message boards are slow, are other message board

pages slow?(try this URL:

Does the slow response time vary with the time of day?

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