Post Office to Close 3,600+ Offices

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Post Office to Close 3,600+ Offices
Tue, 07-26-2011 - 10:29am

According to the article, the locations on the list have "lower foot traffic and revenue" and are located in smaller communities.

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Wed, 10-19-2011 - 10:00pm

Each and every one of us can help save those small town Post Offices. What they need is revenue! Buy stamps, shop online, and ship USPS!


Please visit

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Fri, 10-21-2011 - 7:36pm
I can kind of see why people would prefer not to use USPS. Their tracking system is horrible, and I have never had luck getting customer service help. Our local workers are always kind of bitter, too. Not the carriers, but the people behind the service desk.

I wonder if their partnership with FedEx is helping at all. I know Smartpost packages go through USPS.