Adderall is affecting sleep/appetite

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Adderall is affecting sleep/appetite
Mon, 10-26-2009 - 12:39am
My 7yr old just started Adderall and he has not been eating much during the day. He is also having a hard time falling asleep which in turn makes him very sensitive during the day. He cries very easily because he is so tired. Besides these side affects the medication seems to be helping him a lot with focus. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to deal with the sleeping or eating. I will be talking to his doctor but sometimes I've had better luck here! :) Thank you for any help!
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Mon, 10-26-2009 - 12:58am


I don't know about the sleep but I have friends whose kids are on a stimulant med and they worry about there kids eating issue's too.

Can you give a big breakfast before he takes his meds or allow shakes with extra calories at night when the med wears off?

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Mon, 10-26-2009 - 9:04am

Hi, and welcome

Stimulant meds can and do cause these side effects. For appetite, hopefully it will wear off in a few weeks. If not make sure he has a big breakfast, and allow him to eat whenever he is hungry, even if it is after dinnertime. For sleep, giving the meds earlier in the morning, or sometimes using a sleep aid helps. Sometimes this also wears off after a few weeks, but if it doesn't Melatonin works well. We use 300mcg( 1/3 of 1 mg) and it helps dd within about 30 minutes.

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Mon, 10-26-2009 - 11:28am

Hi there...

This is often good place to come to get good advice, so I hope mine helps! My nearly 7 year old is also taking Adderall (10 mg/XR per day). Prior to the end of July, when he switched to Adderall, he was taking 10mg of Daytrana. While we noticed a help with focusing on the Daytrana, he definitely had trouble sleeping and would often be still awake in his bed at 9:30. I was leery about trying Adderall, because I have heard a lot of moms here refer to it as Madderall (there kids get angry and agressive while taking it). It has been the complete opposite for us. Flynn is more loving, kind and focuses fantastically in school. His eating has been affected, but really only his lunch. He makes up for it at dinner and with healthy snacks before bed. The best part is that his sleeping is SO much better. He is able to fall asleep in 15-20 minutes!

I guess my point is that every medication has a different affect on each child. You have to find the right one for you! Good luck.

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Mon, 10-26-2009 - 3:21pm
We had just started Adderall too, and my son has always had a hard time falling asleep and eats like a bird. I agree that all meds work different on every kid, so If it still doesn't seem like it is working after a few weeks, ask to try something new. For us, I saw an improvement in his focus and decision making right away. Good luck.


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My daughter has been taking Focalin for over a year.