ADHD that doesn't respond to caffeine?

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ADHD that doesn't respond to caffeine?
Wed, 09-23-2009 - 12:27pm


I haven't been around in a while - we have a 10 y/o son who has serious attention and motivation issues, is very hyper, has trouble in school (although gifted) and has sensory integration problems. He has received ADHD diagnosis in the past - but we consider it a bit "incomplete."

We would love to find a medication that works for DS - and tried Straterra last year with very bad results (became extremely sad and depressed). We have tried caffeine - and I saw the post on here about that. Nothing seems to affect him in any positive way (Coke, Mountain Dew, etc.) although Orange Crush does make him more silly and "wiggy."

Does anyone on here have a kid who doesn't respond to caffeine, but has found success with stimulant-type meds? We don't want to make him more hyper, and don't want to try the atypical stuff due to Straterra disaster. Any ideas?

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Wed, 09-23-2009 - 1:04pm

My son does respond to caffeine but I know lots of kids do not but do great on meds.

I wanted to add that yellow dyes are directly linked to hyperactivity in children so that may be why your son gets giggly when he has Orange Crush -- a friend of mine cannot give her child Sunny D because he bounces off of the wall - it's the yellow.


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Wed, 09-23-2009 - 1:29pm
I have found the Yellow dye is even in oranges, fresh from the produce section. They dye them to make them orange.

A child may HAVE ADHD, but it is not what they ARE. Never tell a child they ARE ADHD.

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Wed, 09-23-2009 - 2:39pm

Oh no! We can't even begin to think about Sunny D!!!! That's guaranteed to bring out a crazy nutty kid.....Yellow die is a big issue, and we do look for foods without dyes when possible. (If they will tell you - didn't know about oranges).

Thanks for your input.

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Sun, 10-04-2009 - 10:50am

We don't allow our kids to have caffeine... soda in general is a big"treat" for our kids. DS is allowed a sip once in a while of mom or dad's drink. We really encourage water. So can't say we've had too much experience with the caffeine thing. But stimulant meds have worked wonders for DS. We also had tried Strattera at one point with horrible results as well. It is NOT a stimulant and works more like an anti-depressant in that it needs to be in your bloodstream for a while for it to work... you don't get immediate results with Strattera like with stimulants. Actually Strattera made DS even more hyper than he was before meds at all.

My question for you is if you are interested in caffeine as your "drug" of choice have you considered coffee or tea? I believe you can also find caffeinated water. Or what about straight-up caffeine like no-doz? My concern with caffeine would be the increased need for it as the body gets used to it.

Also, and it may be totally none of my beeswax, but what is "incomplete" about your diagnosis? If your DS displays all the symptoms you describe I would get