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Do any of you have an official diagnosis of ODD with your ADHD/ADD child? Are you on an IEP and how does the ODD diagnosis change the IEP, if at all?

I am curious. I believe firmly that DS who was diagnosed with ADHD at 3 1/2 had ODD as well.... or at least tendencies. To my horror


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Hi, Intuniv is a longer acting for of Guanfacine( Tenex). Tenex, and Clonidine( Catapres) have

A child may HAVE ADHD, but it is not what they ARE. Never tell a child they ARE ADHD.

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Hi Jenn.

You just EXACTLY described my son. The only difference is that his defiant behaviour is only at school. I can take him shopping with me and I have no problems at home. DS is ADHD combined type (and gifted) with no ODD identified.

He has trouble lining up...doesn't like to wait his turn. And if things don't go his way he bolts out of the classroom. I have had to do 3 parent withdrawals (these don't go on his record) in the last 7 school days.

He also now knows if he doesn't like the way the day is going he just acts out and gets to go home.

I have my son on bifentin (a long acting ritalin - only available in Canada) and I don't see it helping much with the impulsiveness. However, when DS isn't at school I don't need him on meds as he is easily controlled outside of the school environment. He does karate after school and has few issues and the meds are worn off by the time he goes.

I think I'm in the school's speed dial. The VP just loves to hit my button on a daily basis.

If you ever need someone to bounce ideas off of in the exact same boat feel free to email me through my profile.

In terms of the Explosive Child. This is the method that our school uses. Or at least that they say they use. They don't properly use the Ross Greene approach and often allow a blow up before they figure out the collaborative problem solving.

I feel for you. It's a good thing I have a good sense of humour with all of this.

Tracy....still smiling

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My son sounds very similar. He's in 2nd grade and has a ADHD and ODD diagnosis. We strongly suspect Aspergers as well, but the neurologist diagnosed him ADHD and ODD. Anyway, we have the same struggles - lunchtime, PE, recess, hallway all seem to be high trigger times for my DS. Has your DS had an OT evaluation through the school? This year we've found that sensory breaks and a sensory "diet" throughout the day help him. They are taking him from the playground as recess ends and doing wall pushups, or a stretch band or other sensory things to help him wind down after recess (as well as 5-7 other set times throughout the day) - rather than putting him in line, and expecting him to behave. The sensory breaks help him keep his body regulated, but also get him out of the classroom and into a quieter hallway for a few minutes - which also helps him regulate himself). My DS has a lot of sensory type issues that exasperate the situation during unstructured activities (hallways, lines being huge triggers for him... crowds, loud activities, also). The school is working with us on his IEP, and are well aware of his behavior issues.

I read the explosive child last year - it is a good book, but hard to implement (IMO). We have not started DS on medication, but are looking to trial something sometime soon, I think.


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DS has been evaluated by school for sensory issues. That is actually the first thing they did back when he was in pre-school. His teacher then noticed his sensory issues... which has a lot to do with some of his behavioral issues too. When we re-evaluated his IEP last year, they reduced his OT time. I personally think it needs to be increased and his access to a para needs to be increased. He does much better one on one. He had a para FT in pre-school but not now. We are re-evaluating next week b/c of his PE incident the week before Halloween.

Since he has gone back to school and since he has started this new medicine he has been doing GREAT! So I don't know if it's the medicine working or if it's HIM being afraid/embarrassed for what happened in PE. Which i think it's the former rather than the latter... he is remorseful after he has one of these meltdowns,