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Sat, 07-19-2003 - 2:12pm
I think I might have ADD...I'm 36, mother of 2 children & I belive my 3 yr old son has it as well. I hope to connect with another adult who may be dealing with the same issue...
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Sat, 07-19-2003 - 3:54pm
Maybe you already know this, but there is a message board under Parentsoup for Adult ADD:

I don't know if I copied the link down correctly, but here it is.

Also, there is a website:

Where you can take a screener. But, really the only way to know for sure is to go get tested. I say that like it is easy - I know how hard it is. But, I also know that is part of the very important first steps.

In my opinion - I would go to a psychologist or clinical social worker for testing rather than a psychiatrist - psychiatrists usually work with psychologists or clinical social workers. I would be suspicious if someone diagnoses you or your child after just one visit, too. It takes a while to figure out what is going on.

ADHD can look like other stuff - bi-polar, post-traumatic stress disorder, reacation to life stressers - to name a few of things. Or, maybe you both are just high energy? I don't know.

I do know that it is very stressful when you know "something" is wrong, but you're not sure what. I feel for you and I hope you find what you're looking for.

As far as the ADHD for the child - we knew something was going on with our DS when he was 3, but didn't look into testing until he was 5. We started meds when he was 6 and that has helped the most. But, we've also been doing a lot of counseling, which has helped pull everything together.

There is life and happiness after a diagnosis like this.

Hope this helps...


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Tue, 07-29-2003 - 1:17am
I just wanted to say that I commend any parent who's brave and willing enough to put their child on any ADD meds,if they can. At 10 y.o.,ADD wasn't even an official diagnosis yet (always falling under the title of simply"hyperactive") but my behavior and failing grades were enough for the teachers and doctors to tell my mom to suggest ritalin for me. She refused,thinking I'd "grow out of it".I only just found all this out about a year ago and now,at 33,I'm somewhat resentful to her for not allowing me to get the proper treatment and allowing me to have to struggle for some 20+ years wondering why my life is f*cked up. Again,I fully support your decision for your child.
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Tue, 07-29-2003 - 10:15am
We have two other boards here on PS. We have the ADD/ADHD Newly Diagnosed as well as the ADD/ADHD Teens and Adults board

If you suspect that you and/or your child have ADD/ADHD I would totally recommend getting you tested. Your 3yo is a little young to have tested as some of what you think is ADD/ADHD might just be age appropriate. The experts really can't tell until at least the age of 5yo. I know this b/c that's what I've been told and this has been a discussion for at least a year with my DS.

ADD/ADHD is considered hereditary. I know I don't have the disorder, however we haven't rulled out my DH as of yet. Since my SD also has it and the only common parent SD & DS have is DH, I'm assuming it comes from somewhere along his line if not him directly. It wouldn't surprise me if he also had it given how much I have to remind him things. And it's beyond him being a man. Trust me.

There is also another website for the ADD/ADHD. You can visit to also assist you in finding a chapter near you as well as other resources for yourself. Most local chapters have a meeting that includes an adult support group.

I hope this helps.