Agressive ADHD 14 yr old

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Agressive ADHD 14 yr old
Mon, 04-14-2003 - 9:45pm
I have a soon to be fifteen yr old son that is ADHD and his agression is getting out of hand. Tonight he put his fist thru his bedroom wall in anger. If anyone has any thoughts, ideas or helpful information it would greatly appresciated.


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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 12:38pm
I noticed that my son started getting aggressive and angry this year when he turned ten. But not to the point where your son is. The other day his brother did something to him, and he turned around and punched him in the back. It wasn't hard, but it scared me. It was out of character for him. He was grounded for this action, and we had a long talk about why it was wrong. Of course your son is much older and he knows it's wrong. It may be an impulsive action. It seems like something just comes over them. So much emotion. Maybe if he is open with you, talk about what he is feeling at these times of aggression. Find out what is going on. Maybe there is an underlying cause for the anger. I wish I could give you advice, but I have a feeling I may be where you are in a few years. Good luck.
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Mon, 04-28-2003 - 10:31pm
ask you're doctor if he can be tested. then tested thru the school. Ask about O.D.D. and mood stabilizers. hope that helps