Am I not entitled to the test results???

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Am I not entitled to the test results???
Thu, 06-19-2003 - 2:31pm
I pay a child psychologist to test her. We get a report that says ADHD/SID/LD/ODD, 9 pages long with lots of words but very little information. Other than telling us to do an IPRC for the ADHD and teach her to type for the LD it really told us nothing at all.

Re the WISC III - he lumps her into groups ie average 16-68 Percential. They will not give me the actual numbers including the subtest scores. I'm sure it makes a large difference if all the scores fit around the 16th percential even though that is considered average.

The OT from the school thinks that I should be able to get the #'s I want. She also wants to know what specific motor tests they did with her. They won't tell me that either and are now saying that that's for the OT to test etc.. and they just do a few basic ones. So fine, which ones did you do????

I also had an appt with a pediatric optometrist for visual testing which I cancelled as the secretary said they do a lot of that testing there. Now she is telling me that they did not do any of those tests. Guess I will try and get another appt again.

DD had to spot visual patterns among similar ones, she could not do this, I want to know what subtest this came under and what the score was. Is that unreasonable???

The secretary said that they would fax the #'s to the school psychologist if I signed a paper saying she could see them and if she wanted them. They don't send them to parents as that would just confuse us!!! Duh, guess we're all supposed to be stupid or something.

Am I not entitled to have these? Is this normal? Something to do with being in Canada? His secretary is saying its not ethical etc... Just about had a fight with the women on the phone.

Any ideas anyone?? Susan

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Thu, 06-19-2003 - 3:53pm
I would think that if you paid the money, you should be able to get all of the specific information that you are asking for.

I paid the $$ for my kids' evaluations and I certainly got THE number when it came to IQ and other results.

However, I know that when our school system tests that the actual IQ is never made available to parents or teachers. Only the range is stated to give us some indication of where they are functioning. As in, am I dealing with a below average kid, average, or gifted?

I think they do this because some people would put too much stock in that one IQ score.

Along those same lines, my kids brought home their SAT results from school. The information provided to the parents was very basic. When I had a conference with DS #1's teacher, her test results were much more detailed than mine. Almost asked her to make me a copy. I think that they do that to avoid confusing some people. But for those of us who could make sense of those numbers, it leaves us wanting more.

So bottom line, in my opinion you should be able to get the information you want/need, especially since you paid for it and it is about YOUR child.



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