Any book ideas on ADD/Gifted children??

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Any book ideas on ADD/Gifted children??
Thu, 09-25-2003 - 1:08pm
Has anyone read any good books on a child that is ADD and gifted? My son is gifted and ADD and this has proven to be a very challenging combination. I really need some info on understanding this type of child. I would love to find something with real practical advice on day to day living with a child like this. maybe some of you have a good resource for finding good books on anything related to ADD or gifted and I would appreciate any and all information you may have!!!

Thanks so much!!!

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Thu, 09-25-2003 - 2:40pm

Here is a website that has a lot of good articles about gifted children and there are some about ADHD & Gifted. You might search Google under "twice exceptional" that's what our kids are called. Our DS, 7, is diagnosed with ADHD & highly gifted - his IQ tested in the 140s - a mixed blessing. Not only does his ADHD make him "stand out" but so does his thinking sometimes...not always in a good way, either.

There is a researcher (can't think of her name) but she has an article on the website mentioned above - Lubecky (or something like that) - she's supposed to be coming out with a book specifically about ADHD & gifted. Most of the stuff I have seen is a chapter here and there - like a book about ADHD & a chapter about gifted.

I'm reading a book now - All Kinds of Minds - I highly recommend it and actually learned about it through this board. Here is the website:

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