Are ADD kids more curious??

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Are ADD kids more curious??
Tue, 06-10-2003 - 4:56pm
Hi all,

Well this past weekend I was going through my garage and found a Victoria's Secret magazine in my son's toys. I got one in the mail and tossed it, cause I don't buy that stuff. Well, I guess someone dug it out of the garbage. He's been hanging out with this one boy in the neighborhood who's about six who also has an older brother (who's going to be 11) and I think they may be an influence. My husband is not like that and we don't expose our children to that type of stuff. In fact, I'm strongly against anything sleazy. Then one nite when he was rewinding a video tape in his room, some station popped on that was an off-cable station or something and there were half nude women dancing around with some music and their body parts had "censored" written across them but you could see everything. I told him to change the channel but when I went back in there he had it on again. I told him that stuff is not allowed in our household and it's degrading to women. My husband took his antenna down from the TV so he can't get these channels, I can't believe they have this stuff on regular TV later at nite. I don't know how long he's been getting this channel!!! Is this normal curious 7-yr old behavior or do I have to start worrying about raising a pervert? I thought I wouldn't have to worry about this until he was like 12~!!


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Tue, 06-10-2003 - 9:44pm
First, as I read the title of your post, I chuckled. Earlier today I was sitting in my van w/ my two children in the parking lot of the grocery store. As I was getting out, my cell rang with my dad on the other end telling me my sister was selling her house and she and her husband were moving to be closer to him and my mother (3 hr move) bc she'd found a new job. They'd been wanting to move for over a year, but were waiting for her to find work. Very good news!

At this time I was aware my son had undone his seat belt and come up to the front of the van. What I didn't notice was what he was doing! He completely took apart my rear view mirror! In like half a minute! He handed it to me! This is more complicated then it sounds as I have an after market reverse detector that beeps if something is behind me. Thank gosh none of the wires came apart. It took me a lot longer to put it back together. He was just quite pleased with himself. I took away TV for the rest of the day. He said "Mommy, you know I can get it back together better than you. Give me back TV and I will". Wicked curious, that one.

Second, my I be so crass as to suggest your son isn't interested in the torrid side of the Victoria Secret mag or the clip of the woman dancing, but rather is curious about the differences in a female anatomy verses his own. Now, if you want to turn this curiosity into a learning experience, I'm sure the library should have some age appropriate books on this. I know my son is very aware there are big differences in his body and his sisters body. (Of course he thinks cooties are pink microscopic ants with flowers at the ends of their antennae and girls REALLY have them). Still, he has caught on to the real differences.


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Wed, 06-11-2003 - 1:10pm
Dont worry, there is nothing at all wrong with your son and your not raising a pervert. I know how shocking it can be, I have a 7 year old and about 2 years ago he and his friend were playing in the sprinkler and when I came outside from getting them a drink, they were *comparing*, nothing nasty, just looking to see if they have the same stuff.

Your son has a sister so he is really going to notice and question, my friends son told her while they were on vacation at the beach that when he gets big he is going to have *big b**bies* like his sister, he was 6 and his oldest sister is 17. Also the fact of older boys being around it may peak is couriosity a little more, because they are so courious about it.

You are completly right in explaining that it is not nice to look at women that way but if you make a big deal over it, it will just make him more courious.

My son also stares if you see a picture on tv that should not be there,if you know what I mean, because it is something that he has never seen unless by accident. We dont make a big deal out of it, we just tell him, *yep girls are different, and if he asks why we do our best to explain and change the channel and tell him that just because they are different does not mean you can stare, it is not nice to stare.

Sorry this is so long, dont worry he will be fine.



They are just courious and that is completly natural, so dont worry about it. You want to talk to him about it so that later on he will be comfortable to come to you.

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Thu, 06-12-2003 - 10:25am
This is perfectly normal. They aren't viewing women in a degrading way. They are just curious. My daughter tried to look up "baby in tummy" on the internet! She broke a lot of rules doing that. I did get a bunch of kid books from the library explaining these things, however. It's not the ADD, it's just been a regular kid. I recall being curious myself at a young age. It only becomes bad if we make it bad, I think.