Bragg time about READING!

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Bragg time about READING!
Tue, 06-10-2003 - 11:10pm
My 6 y/o w/o the H, ad/hd son loves books, but hates learning to read. He is behind all the kids in his class, so he is staying in K next year. But, so as not to loose the ground he has, we go to see his reading teacher three times a week. At $45 a week, I hope it helps him! Anywho, tonight we were reading a book called Up and Down. It was part of his homework. Obviously he knew this story quite well, as he was whizzing through the words. So after the first time I told him we were reading it again. This was met with a lot of posturing and "Noooo!" and the hands were in the air in exasperation. Truly, it was being presented as torture. thus, I asked how we could make it more fun. He decided he would "do the Mommy part" and do the sounds of the letters and i would try to get the words "my (his) part". I played him as best I could complete with the looking the other way bit, but quickly noticed I was a distraction! He was doing so great! he was making each sound and saying almost every word as best he could. (After, I'd say the word as that was my part). But it worked so well. He had no meds today, so it truly was amazing!!

Ok, I think my daughter needs help actually going to bed!! I've gotten a gazillion kisses typing this post!

Night! Sio