Can I just cry for a second?

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Can I just cry for a second?
Thu, 05-01-2003 - 10:34am
I just need to vent for a few - don't want to call my mom, and get the earful, DH, as much as he loves son, is extremely frustrated too and i think neighbor is now screening my calls ;)

I love my son so much - he was the baby we always wanted and we prayed for. We also have two other great kids. Zack is our oldest at 7.5, and has been our greatest struggle. Diagnosed with ADHD and CAPD, we've tried Ritalin, Adderall and now Concerta. Ritalin was great, but didn't last long enough. Adderall was AWFUL. And Concerta, although better than Adderall, is still producing moody side effects - hard to tell whether it's just his ppersonality or the meds. As a little boy, he had a serious side to him, but not this serious.

also doing behavior mods, have very supportive teaching staff (for the most part -- he and the music teacher butt heads often), have seen psychologist. but...

WHAT ELSE? WHAT ELSE? I just want to make this go away for him. It tears me up every time he proclaims himself stupid and he gives up on himself. He's only 7 for goodness sake. My DH and I have gone to great lengths to make him understand he is not stupid - we're doing everything we can to help him - or are we? My DH wants to quit meds over the summer, but I dread the thought of that - whether he wants to accept it or not, the meds do help to an extent.

I know there are mixed reviews on Strattera - is it worth it to try? I already know the answer - that it is. I'm just getting really tired of the med merry-go-round.

Thanks for the opportuniity to just vent.


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Thu, 05-01-2003 - 1:57pm
Vent all you want dear, you will be listened to.

What is CAPD? And what kinds of evaluations has he had done (private or school only)? Does he see a certified child psych & a psychologist? Does he have a mood disorder? If so a mood stabilizer can help (Depakote, Trileptal, Neurontin, Tegretol, Topamax)

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Fri, 05-02-2003 - 11:12am
I understand completly the need to just let go and cry, by almeans go ahead. It is so hard for family and friends who do not live with you to now be the support that you need when they are not going through what you are, and its hard to turn to your husband when he too is needing support.

Definitly try Strattera! My ds is 61/2,and it has been a wonder *drug* for us. My ds has also tried other meds and Aderrall especially made him VERY moody, he would cry or go into a rage(anger rages are not normal for him)at the drop of a hat. Because legos wouldnt fit together, or he kept *dying* when playing *Ratchet and Clank* on the playstation etc. It also caused major anxiety and worring about things that he should not worry about and he would say that his brain was dumb if he had trouble with his homework. The aderrall seemed to help with hyperness but only a little with attention and focus.

He has been on Stratterra for about 3 weeks now and what a difference it has made. It only took about a week to start seeing the effects and the optimum effects are supposed to be seen after 2 months on the drug. He has been much calmer, he actually seems to hear us now whe we talk to him. Homework has been much easier and he is catching on quicker because he is focused. We actually got through 30 min. the other night with no tears, yelling or anxiety attacks for me from fighting our way through it, LOL! He has not had one meltdown, tears or anger. The anxiety is also gone. His self esteem has skyrocketed because he is seeing what he is doing and is so proud of himself.

I know that all meds act diff. in all kids but Aderrall has been wonderful for us, I would say definitly give it a try.

Lots of huggs and good luck!


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Mon, 05-05-2003 - 3:48pm
Shaun -

I appreciated reading your message. We are finally trying Concerta after 3 years of being told our son is ADHD. (The hyperactivity has gone away on its own thankfully.) Our family therapist is great and convinced me based on the increasing issues with self-esteem. (I'm dumb, I'm worthless, I don't deserve this or that.) His pediatrician (who I don't love) told me - IN FRONT OF MY SON - that he is probably depressed not ADD!

Anyway, sticking with my gut and trusting our family therapist and trying Concerta. Thanks again for your message/post.


P.S. my ds is 6 1/2 also. And a twin - and his brother is perfect. I'd go crazy if I had a sibling that perfect! ;-)

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Mon, 05-05-2003 - 5:48pm
You made the comment that you do not love your Ped doc.

Where are you from, what part of the country. I live in Kentucky and our ped.dr. is in a group of Drs. Dr. Glenn Stout has been in Ped. for over 35 years and the last 20 he has been commited just to ADD and ADHD children. He is the ped. that my son sees in the group for ADHD, he works along side our reg ped.(DR.Thompson) when it comes to meds. etc.

We call Dr. Stout every other fri. and discuss our ds week and how he is doing, he also requires my ds teachers to send in "report cards" on a 3x5 card every other week so that he can track his school prog.

Dr. Stout has been doing research and teaching about ADD and ADHD all over the U.S.--He currently teaches classes at University of Louisville school of Med. on ADD and ADHD. He has writen and published many wonderful books on the subject.

If you are interested in any of them here is the website to our peds office and you can read about him and order his books there.

I absolutly love this group, I hope this helps!

Good luck!