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Sun, 09-07-2003 - 11:37am
If anyone would like to chat we could set up a time and "meet" or you cold just post your IM name here. I am usually online during the day, or late at night. Mostly anytime is good for me. I have Yahoo & AOL, but I have a block on users whom I don't have their IM names. I have this for one reason, my IM name is Ga Smutt. I've had this name for a long time & was talked into using it by several ADHD friends I met on line. I used to use the name kmsutt, but these gals read it as k smutt. Then I was Kathy in Ga, but they refused to use that name for me. So Ga Smutt I became. I have made some good friends off this board & we even meet once a year for the past 4 years.

So if you want to chat post your IM name & I will add you. We all could chat anytime.

Yahoo & AOL names.... Ga Smutt