confused ADD????

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confused ADD????
Sat, 11-30-2013 - 9:25am

Hello- I am new to this board, so please forgive my ignorance......

Our youngest son just turned 9 years old....he has always been a sweet and loving child.....he still is....He has also been the most stubborn child of our 3 children....once he sets his mind to something....THAT'S IT!! (refuses to learn to ride a bike, learn to swim, wont try new foods or foods he thinks he wont like.. I dont say this to put my child down...just trying to give you some insight to his personality.   He is in the 3rd grade...he has always yelled out answers and jumped around but once the teachers tell him 2-3 times...he he does not do that any more, but he does wigggle in his seat a lot and it seems like his brain is working overtime.....when talking with him...he talks SO  fast.....You can almost feel his  a race horse at the gate ready to take off....When asked to slow down....he will, but eventually he gets up to speed again..He is not a dicipline problem...his teacher states he is well behaved and follows the rules, ( he does always ask  relevant questions but a lot and always has a story to tell) but she  has basically said that she thinks he has ADD....OR ADHD  and we should get him tested.( when he read he reads so fast that he is skipping words or when doing his homework he skips pieces) ..his teacher last year said...NO... Thinks he is very smart and that is just his way....that if you take away his speed or racing you take away his method of thinking....he didnt think he had any issues other than having to remind him to slow down...I am so confused.  One more thing...he might have a touch of OCD??? 

Any thoughts??? I want to do the right thing, but I dont want him labeled...he already is in speech and already has such a hard time with his OCD....I dont want to ignore it either...I want to help him.....

Thank you for reading my post....I am at a loss....

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Sat, 11-30-2013 - 11:55am

Get him tested first for his IQ. Reading too fast is not necessarily because he has ADD. He could be, as his other teacher said, just smart.  

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Sat, 11-30-2013 - 2:38pm

Like the 2nd grade teacher said, your ds may be very smart. He may be several thoughts ahead of the other kids. I agree with iteadrinker, the first thing would be to get an IQ test. In our school district they did it at specific grade levels (I think 4th and 8th grade) but it could be done during any year if a teacher requested it, so find out how it works in your school. If he turns out to be of "gifted" IQ then there may be certain options available. You can then discuss with the school psychologist (who usually does the testing) if other testing is warranted.

Another idea is to give him something to do with his hands during reading or listening periods in class. This was suggested by my ds' 2nd grade teacher because he was also very fidgety when he was supposed to sit still. He was allowed to manipulate a soft rubber cube (soft rubber so it didn't make noise and distract other kids), when his hands were busy it seemed to use that excess energy and free his mind to concentrate on the subject matter. You could ask his teacher to allow that to see if it helps.

I understand your concern about your ds being "labeled". Something to keep in mind is that kids sometimes end up labeled whether or not they are tested or diagnosed/actually have a condition. Also if you get a gut feeling about your kid, trust your instincts. Finally, its fine to get second and third opinions etc until you feel comfortable.

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Mon, 12-09-2013 - 12:40pm

I get the labeling thing. My oldest is 10 and well was labeled from birth because of a birth defect and I was so touchy about this subject when it came to getting official ADHD and even now with that added on to others when he shows signs of other things I just don't want to pile on more but at the same time at least getting a diagnosis has benefits. While it may not be ADD, there maybe other clues that testing could reveal. Like someone else said whether or not you get him tested some people may label him anyway (sorry if you are a Big Bang Theory watcher now I keep hearing in my head "i'm not crazy, my mother had me tested") but it can clear things up and help figure out how best to handle him. For us holding off on the ADHD diagnosis worked  because the school didn't need to to proceed with interventions. if you were somepleace else we would have needed it further. Learning the different things that make him tick so to speak helps me and his teachers. If nothing else it gets you peace of mind so when someone questions he can say "I'm not ADD my mom had me tested" ...ok that was so ment to be funny