DD to Dr. for 1st time, what do we say?

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DD to Dr. for 1st time, what do we say?
Fri, 04-25-2003 - 2:48pm

I am new to this board. I have a daughter, Hannah who is six, almost 7 and in the first grade. We are suspecting she is an ADD child. We have an appt. with the psychiatrist Tuesday the 29th. What do I tell her? Why are we seeing him? --to help her with school? to help her........with what???

Hannah is very inquisitive, if I take her out of school in the middle of the day to go to an appointment, she will want to know why. I also don't want her to be scared. She can get nervous in new situations very easily.

What did you tell your kids? How did you explain their ADD/ADHD to them?

Also, any tips on what I should say to the doctor? What should I tell him? What should I expect?

Any help would be appreciated greatly. None of my local friends have any experience in this.


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Fri, 04-25-2003 - 3:29pm
Victor had just turned 6 when I took him the first time to the doctor. I explained to him that his teacher was concerned because he couldn't finish his work at school, and we were hoping that this doctor could help us figure out why and maybe make the problem better so he could concentrate at school. Inquistive children are really fun to raise =) Keep your answers as simple as possible and make certain you're as calm as you can be knowing that you're doing the right thing for your child, and all will be well. Good luck to you.


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Fri, 04-25-2003 - 4:57pm
I said about the same thing as Alexis. I told him we were going to a Doctor to see if the doctor could help us find a way for him to do better in school. Other than that, he really hasn't questioned it that much. He can see for himself that the medication helps him.

As for what to tell the doctor. I didn't find that difficult. They asked questions and I answered them - volunteering any other information that I thought was pertinent. I also took copies of report cards, some school work, homework notebook, conduct grades, etc.

Good luck!



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Mon, 04-28-2003 - 12:44pm
I had also asked for advice on the same issue on this board. My dd also would know she wasn't going to a physical type dr. The advice I got here was to we suggest we were going to see a feelings doctor or a talking doctor. This is a doctor we go to and we only talk. You can answer questions from there. I was very nervous myself, at that point, I had been judged by teachers and school counselors who hinted my parenting skills were the reason why my daughter was having so much trouble at school. (She can't focus or stay on task because I'm a poor parent?) I was fairly on guard by the time I got to the psychologist, but still determined to get my daughter help. I am so glad we made this step. He was the ONLY one who made any real steps to help us. Our lives are dramatically improved because of his help and believing my dd had a disability. Good luck!