Does your child run outside without

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Does your child run outside without
Thu, 06-05-2003 - 12:36pm
telling you? This has been a major struggle with my 7yr old. I don't know if it's impulsiveness or what but there are times when I'll be going to the bathroom or something and the next thing I know, he has shot out the door. He's out of school, and he usually takes his bike and goes by one of his friends house down the block. I have a 2yr old, we both are fighting colds, we feel like crap and I'm running down the block chasing him. I thought this would end at some point. He did this since he's been born and I just thought by now he'd know to at least TELL me when he's leaving the house. Is this a problem for any other children??? What is it from? Is it normal?


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Thu, 06-05-2003 - 1:14pm
In my 6 year old sons case, it was the impulsiveness that caused him to do this. That has changed alot since we have added the meds (25mg Straterra/day). Also we started grounding him for doing this, whether it was running out the door or leaving one friends house and going to another with out telling me. We would take away his bike, ground him to the house or if it was in the late afternoon ground him to his room for the evening. It may sound a bit dramatic, but it was very effective after about 4 times of doing it and sticking to it. There is just too many things that can happen. I had a friend who put a slide lock at the very top of the door to keep her son in.

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Thu, 06-05-2003 - 5:02pm
We don't live in a neighborhood, but on a busy highway, so we've always been pretty strict about them going outside in the front - to the point of dead-bolting them in and having an alarm system that chimed every time the door was opened. And my oldest is such a scaredy-cat, that he doesn't normally stray far from me in unfamiliar situations. However, last night I couldn't find him after his baseball game. He'd decided - all on his own - to go look for the field that his next game was on. Sometimes, it's like he just takes all leave of his senses. I chalked it up to impulsivity. Rightly or wrongly.



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