A few answers, at last!

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A few answers, at last!
Fri, 05-30-2003 - 11:32am
Still waiting for the child psychologist report, should have in 2 or 3 weeks.

However, had a meeting at her school today with the OT that has been doing an assessment on her. DD was tested at 7y 11mos in 3 different types of Visual testing, her results came back between 4y 11mos to 12y 8mos. 3rd to 91st percential. There is a reason she can't copy off the blackboard etc.. She does have an LD of some sort, this confirms it, so the OT said!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!! Her fine motor skills are all over the place, some are good and some are really really bad, her gros motor skills are all very very good, far better than they should be. She also sees many signs of ADD, but is not sure is this is on its own or caused by something else. We should find that out with the psyc report as well.

When we get the Psychologists report we will schedule an IPRC and see where we go from there. I mentioned to her that the principal was not yet sure if an IPRC was necessary, she replied "there is no question that she is an 'exceptional' student, without intervention she will have major problems".

Why am I so relieved to have what I thought confirmed on paper? All I can think is that we are not crazy, there is a problem. Some people seem to think that we should be very sad to have this confirmed, all I feel is joy. Maybe now we can truly get her the help she needs.

BTW - her new med Risperidone is still a wonder drug as far as we are conerned. She takes .25mg at 8am and again at 8pm, been fine tuning the dose for 3 weeks now and this one seems to work. She is almost a delight to have around these days, NO major rages, she will still scream at the top of her lungs when something doesn't go her way, but that's it. We have not had to psyically put her in her room lately at all. She has not destroyed anything major in the house either, she is treating us and the dog better. She is able to count to 10 and then appologise, she is calm enough that we are able to start working on things with her.

That's it for now.


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Sun, 06-01-2003 - 7:14am
People who haven't BTDT think that having a diagnosis (i.e. 'label') for your child is a horrible thing ... but the truth is, when you've been struggling, and watching your child struggle, having an ANSWER is not a burden but a relief! At least now you KNOW. Once you have the answers, you are on the right path to getting help, and seeing changes and improvements. It's the 'unknown' that is the problem, not the answers. Glad that you're getting those answers because that's the first step in helping her. Remember that people not going through this will never 'get it.' I know that on other boards here on 'soup' parents of ADHD or ODD kids will post something about a problem with their child, and the reply from those 'not in the know' is always the same ... I'd never 'allow' my child to talk like that, or behave like that, or get away with that ... and I'm thinking "yeah, in a perfect world" ... while I'm feeling a sense of relief that DS' assaults now are only verbal and no longer physical. I guess it's all in the perception, and when you live life in a perfect little bubble with perfect little children, you can sit back and be judgemental ... but when things didn't go exactly as you'd planned when you planned on having kids, you learn to appreciate the things other people take for granted. So, absolutely feel relief at having the answers ... and be proud of the fact that you caught this early on, so that you can get your child help while she's still young without screwing her up academically. And, appreciate each milestone and mark each accomplishment. Most parents can't appreciate how wonderful it is to have 'no more rages' in the house ... but YOU know what a huge thing that is, so celebrate it!

(((HUGS))) You're doing GREAT!



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