Followup to previous Aspergers post.

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Followup to previous Aspergers post.
Sun, 05-11-2003 - 10:28pm
Lori and Margaret thanks for the reply!

After I spoke with the Principal,I registered with Teacch for an eval. they had a cancellation and got right back to me. We did the intake eval, and they said there wasn't enough red flags w/ my son for them to feel he warranted further assessment. I also pursued an observation by the public school Psychologist to observe Liam (my son, 6 y/o in K). Finally, I got the ball rolling for a full work up from the Neuro psych his school had first asked me to see. She is from Harvard and is very highly recommended. (At the beginning of the school year she had a 6 to 9 month waiting list, so I went to another psychologist who ruled out Aspergers). Margaret, the Teacch center turned us away because they basically agreed with you that his lack of social interaction with his peers wasn't enough to get an Asperger's or Autism spectrum dx. That lifted my spirits a lot in a very strange way. However, last week, the school psychologist (an intern), observed Liam in class. I was in the school volunteering with the reading teacher, and they pulled me out to talk to her. She told me she thought Liam was on the spectrum. She wanted the lead Autism teacher to observe him and see what she thought. Last week, I should add, Liam was switching from concerta to strattera. He had been so lethargic the day before she came, I kept him home. I asked his teacher to make sure and tell her of the switch, and I thought she had. But now I'm not sure she did. Tonight, I spoke with her supervisor ( a friend of my mother). He said he did not think she was aware Liam was in the process of meds change. He and I decided that, because I am getting the full neuro eval from the guru of our town, (his words, not mine), and Liam is switching meds, we should put off the observation from the lead Autism teacher until next year, if needed. I have been sitting here beating myself up and wondering if I did the right thing, so I searched Aspergers on the message board and read The march post from Margaret (for the first time, as my kids got sick, too). I feel a lot better. I know over June and July I will get the eval from the guru. If there is something for me to worry about, she will let me know. And as you pointed out, then I can pick and choose what goes into the public realm. Some times this mommy gig gets so overwhelming! Anyway, happy mothers day!