Glad school is out..did I just say that?

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Glad school is out..did I just say that?
Sat, 06-27-2009 - 5:25pm

DS is 6 and just finished SK. It has been a hellish 2 years in JK and then SK. Teachers haven't listened to me (though we'll be getting an IEP for grade 1 since we were able to find the right "label" to get DS one) with any suggestions how to handle DS.

DS is ADHD and gifted. But gifted isn't recognized as an exceptionality until grade 4. ADHD without a LD isn't recognized either. That left us on the sidelines with no IEP.

I have told the teachers, principal, education assitants (EAs) everything they would need to know and what to do in various situations, and when did they start implementing them - the beginning of June!!! Keep in mind that when DS isn't at school he isn't medicated (unless there is something major that we need to attend and we need focus). I don't have the same problems at home as they have at school - probably because I listen to my suggestions!

All in all the school break is nice - not easy, but nice. I'm not waiting around for the school to phone to tell me the situation of the day. I'm hoping we get a teacher next year that "gets" DS and knows how to work with him (I have told the principal what DS needs in a teacher and what style of teaching will work for him - I don't happen to know enough about any of the grade 1 teachers, there are 5 of them, to have been able to specifically suggest anyone). We don't find out what teacher we get until 4 days before school starts so I won't get a chance to meet that person the week before and "explain" DS to them.

Here's hoping to an enjoyable summer and better things in grade 1.

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Mon, 06-29-2009 - 11:37am
Glad you're getting an IEP, they can certainly be helpful. I'm glad it's summer too, NO MORE HOMEWORK, hallelujah! Camps are a lot less stressful, even with the change of schedule every week, by the time I get tired of that, it'll be time to go back to school again. Better luck next year, the right teacher can make ALL the difference!
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Mon, 06-29-2009 - 9:46pm

The teacher does make all the difference!