going to get out tonight

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going to get out tonight
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 12:21pm
I'm taking off out of here at 5:30 and won't be back until after 10. A few quiet hours away from Jamie.

My family doesn't understand why I don't want to run errands and go to meetings during daytime hours and take him with me. We have a very "kids go everywhere" environment.

Being at home all day with him sometimes makes me crazy. He's been a bear for the last 2 days...today not so bad....

It's Wednesday and I feel like it should be Friday already. I've got a weeks worth of "Mommying" in already and I feel like I could scream.

Sometimes I wonder if it's me that makes him so overreactive. I am not like that but am very set in my ways and I know he needs some flexibility. I freak when I clean up and he messes up as fast as I clean. I don't get upset with him about it but it makes me want to scream.

Ok, I've had my vent