Got the DX finally (long rant)

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Got the DX finally (long rant)
Fri, 06-13-2003 - 11:58am

I can't argue with any of the above as they all show up, however,

ODD only shows up when she's on the incorrect meds. She's currently on Risperdal .25mg 2x day. She is showing no signs of ODD currently, and she never showed signs of ODD prior to us starting meds 3 years ago.

The LD has to do with graphmotor skills / written production output. He actually told us that this would never get better and she had better learn to type quickly. He told us there is no way to improve it at all, she will never be able to write or print. Sorry but I totally disagree with this, she just turned 8yo last weekend.

She has ADD but only 3 of the 9 indicators for the 'H' portion.

He does not understand why the Risperdal is working, he actually said it shouldn't be. He also said that it would/could not help with her focus/attention problems. He wants us to put her back on Ritilan in Sept for grade 3. Hello... does this guy listen? We tried Ritilan for 1 1/2 years, the teachers could not even tell if she was on or off it. There was actually no difference in the focus at all, we spent all the time trying different strengths, different times of the day and also the extended release. We can't put her back on Dexadrine due to severe aggression. Then he said "well I guess you will have a real problem with her then". Excuse me!!!!! This child just won student of the month thanks to Risperdal and also the other day she asked me what an A- was. She got that mark on an assignment, I was so thrilled and at the same time so sad that she did not know what the super mark meant. This child is currently focusing better than she ever has and is also currently trying very hard. Her current focus I believe is pretty good and as good as its ever going to get. She has got to school on time every single day for the last two weeks, this is the first time this has happened since she started school 4 years ago! Mostly she was late due to all the SI issues and clothing.

She has no social skills whatever, he said this is quite common for kids with ADHD. Idiot, her social skills come from just not 'getting it'. He gave us no ideas to help with this at all, which is one of the things we asked for at the beginning.

He mentions that she has severe sensory issues, and that's it. We know this!!!! He makes no mention of the fact that these issues can cause ADD like symptoms and he also gives us no stratigies to help deal with it.

He said that she has no visual perception problems! The OT report that we just got from the school says different and was also more through on testing in this area. I questioned the difference and he said that he's the one with the degree.

He wants an IPRC in place to deal with the ADHD, no mention of the fact that she has a learning disability at this point.

He lists her IQ, VIQ, and PIQ all within 5 points of each other around 60. He then goes on to add that the scores are probably very low due to all the different issues she has and should actually be much higher. This is the same kid he told us was 'very bright' 7 different times during one meeting, we know she is very bright. This is also the same kid that has excellent verbal skills and produces almost no written output or much of anything else. Makes absolutely no sense that the VIQ and the PIQ are the same.

He said her gross motor skills are so good we should head her into athletics, find her something she is really good at and go with that. That's his way of boosting her self esteem, as she will be better than most kids her age at sports. Yea, sure I agree, too bad the kid is unable to understand the instructions and complexities of most sports. Scarcasim dripping at this point!!!!!!!!! She's currently in softball and loves it even though she has a problem with running and catching the ball. He said she 'should' find it boring and she 'should' be able to run and she 'should' be able to catch a ball. Sure she can if its less than 10 feet away, after that her visual perception difficulties (that he says she does not have) get in the way.

All in all, he really told us nothing we didn't know. Gave us no ideas to try at all. We did need a psyc report to get an IPRC to get her help with the LD and now we have that. As for the rest, pure bu*ls*it!!!!!

Shi*!!!!! and I paid 2K CDN for this????? Yes I am just about ready to flip out at this point. Not even noon and I'm already drinking, gonna be a looong day while I try to figure out the next steps. LOL Susan

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Fri, 06-13-2003 - 3:34pm

I'd be frustrated too, you said you paid 2K Canadian, are you canadian and went to the US or vice versa. If you came here to Canada then it's no wonder. It took me 3 minutes to get a dx of ADHD for my son at 3 and a year and a half to convince them he didn't have it.

Even now, his monitoring has been slow and they are not increasing the meds the way they should be, they are going way too slow and school starts in September.

What are you going to do now?


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Fri, 06-13-2003 - 11:30pm
Hi Elspeth, I live in Toronto and had her tested here, supposedly by one of the 'top' guys. This is the same guy that said she couldn't be bipolar cause she never acted out at school. LOL remember that.

About the only thing I know at this point is that I will not give up on her writing. I do not believe she is just wired wrong, can never be fixed and will have this LD forever. Neither does anyone else I've spoken to today about that.

I've gotten in contact with a wonderful special ed teacher and she is going to look over the psyc report and give me her feedback. She also made us a sensory collar and a sensory feel bag that we got today. She is retiring from teaching and has indicated an interest in helping Jess this summer. She's actually one of my babysitters mothers!! I just never realized what she did for a living.

I also got the name of another ped developement Dr., I will try them on Monday and see if I can't get in prior to the other appt in May 2004.

I'll give the report as is, errors and all to the principal, at least then we can get the IPRC started. The special stuff they have to put in place for her will still be the same. I really hope though that they also take into account the OT report, I figure they will as they paid for 5 hours of testing for it LOL.

He believes she has SID/LD/ADHD/ODD.

My 'mommy gut' is telling me she has SID/mild NLD/mild ADD & visual processing prblems. Some difference but hopefully the treatment will be similar. Some of her sensory issues are actually going from major to medium on this med too. She ate a Pogo today for the first time. YaHoo!!!

"Motherhood is very educational, now I know why Ferrets eat their young"

How's your DS doing, are the D???? meds starting to kick in, did the S???? meds get increased? Things getting any better all around yet?