He won't take his medication!

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He won't take his medication!
Wed, 08-25-2010 - 10:31am

I am Heidi and new to this board.

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Thu, 09-22-2011 - 12:45pm

Heidi my son is 11 and he has been on concerta for 4 weeks he is really unhappy aswell that he has to take medication but is still taking it anyway but i am sure there willl com a day when he will refuse it and this is a big worry for me how has it worked out for you

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Thu, 09-22-2011 - 5:55pm

Many kids don't like to take their medication.

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Fri, 09-23-2011 - 4:44pm

You have to be the "pill Police" and I know it is hard - but you have

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Fri, 09-23-2011 - 9:51pm

When my kids were younger, they were VERY hard to get medication into.

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Wed, 09-28-2011 - 9:53pm


I posted the message on here about my son over a year ago and things have not changed too much.