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Hello New Here!
Mon, 04-21-2003 - 6:39pm
Hello,I'm A mom of 3 wonderful children who are all diagonsed adhd.First is Johnny who will be 9 on June 6th.he has adhd,odd.Then there is Makayla she will be 5 on Aug.20th,and then there is Kirk Jr.he was 3 on Jan9th.Johnny is on Concerta 54 mg.once a day and clonidine .2mg at bedtime.Makayla just started adderall 15 mg once a day,and Jr is too young for meds.

They are really great kids,but they really know how to push my buttons.They have problems with staying focused,but there main problem is hyperactivity.They are so hyper,I get so tired just watching them.My big problem is giving in to them, I know that I shouldn't but I do it anyways.They will carry on for hours nonstop till I give in,so I just do it so I don't have to hear the yelling and screaming.I really need help with this.

Well,just wanted to say hello and write a little bit about my kids.I have to go and try to get them into bed now,that is a big problem for Makayla.She'll just lay in bed for hours then finally fall asleep.

Looking forward to making some new friends who are in the same kind of situation as myself and also other moms who are in different situations

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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 8:20pm
Welcome Melissa! Your daughter may have trouble falling asleep due to the Adderall. Sometimes that happens with the stimulants. I think that the biggest challenge with these kids, is that they are so persistent at times, giving in can seem easy. But I definitely have learned not to give in. Finding middle ground can sometimes work (Like "No you can't watch thirty more minutes of tv, but you can watch ten more minutes).. but there are some things we just need to stick to our guns on, no matter how loud and how long they scream. Otherwise they will know they can push the buttons at any time. I just say that he has to stay in his room till he's done fighting/or screaming about it. May be loud for awhile, but at least he knows I mean what i said..
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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 9:26pm
That's a lot of energy!!!! What I do is ask myself a few questions when my son requests something. Is it really worth an argument over? Is it worth me saying no & the aggravation of him asking over & over? If it is no big deal then why not? I do have a few things that are always a no, and have to stick to my guns on those. Anythig else I will stop & think, ask my son why he wasn't to do what ever it is he wants.