HELP please

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HELP please
Tue, 04-22-2003 - 2:08pm

There has to be some mother out there who could handle this better than I am.

My son is trashing the WHOLE house every day. You can't see his bed for the toys and his floor is completely covered. He has every pot, pan and plastic container in my house full of pretend aquariums and they are in the bedroom, our bedroom, and the bathroom. I have 2 full size metal tonka trucks in the bathtub because it's a car wash. My bathroom floor is littered with every aquatic toy imaginable.

My living room has a train set (wooden) and hundreds of pokemon cards in it, I have 2 laundry baskets currently being used as prisons for his stuffed animals that have misbehaved.

If I try to touch any of these things he puts his hands over his ears and screams. I've tried to pick some of it up already, but it goes back to it's original location minutes later.

Oh yeah, he's completely naked, I've been kicked and bitten trying to at least get underwear on him.

I am truly going insane.


(He's 4.5 by the way)

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Tue, 04-22-2003 - 2:26pm

LOL Sounds just like mine was!!!! She's now almost 8 and has not improved very much. Do you have a dining room or another room close by that you can use?

We took our dining room furniture out and put it all in the basement. Painted the room whatever colour she wanted and made it her play room!!! Every time I see a toy anywhere except her bedroom or the playroom I just chucked it in there. You might want to wear ear plugs on occassion, I did. Our bathroom, her playroom and bedroom are disaster areas on a full time basis, I don't worry about them anymore. Took us about two months to find a pair of pants that she had lost, not too funny as that was one of two pants that she will wear. She wore the same pants for the last two months till we found these other ones just the other day. She has not worn underwear for over two years now, not worth worrying about.

When I chuck her toys in the room, sometimes they break, too bad!!! I literally go around with a laundry basket, pick up all the stuff around the house and stand at the door to the playroom and throw it in, put the basket away and carry on. We used to try and keep the rooms clean and organized, don't bother anymore. Hubbie and I go in every now and then with large garbage bags, pick all the stuff up then clean the room. We leave the stuff in garbage bags and she has to go through it to get what she wants. We have a couple of painted shelf units in there, but they are usually empty along with all the baskets and boxes in there.

HTH Susan

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Tue, 04-22-2003 - 3:48pm
I would not worry too much about the toys all over the place, nor his lack of clothing. To keep your sanity, ignore it all. All this is not life threatening, it wont matter in a month. Try to let it go for now. When he is doing much better things will be different. For your own sanity you need to not worry about it right now. I am in the same situation, maybe on a smaller scale. Joiner is in his room rolling on the floor watching TV with nothing on, hot wheels all over the place. Sometimes I can get him to wear boxers, right now I know he is sensory oriented. This AM his shirt bugged him, his socks were too tight.... So I know now to not have clothes on is what he needs. It is not bothering anyone. I have blinds on my windows so no one can see in. Of course it is much warmer here than up there, but honestly I wouldn't make a big deal about it. Save your energy for the big things.

We also have that wooden train set. Hubby made a rolling thiing to set it on & it rolls under Joiner's bed. Also serves as a nightime monster thing. He has not been afraid of monsters under the bed since we put it there.