How do you know

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How do you know
Wed, 05-21-2003 - 12:34pm
How active is normal and not hyperactive. Jamie is my only child and in my opinion has never factored into the normal range of activity since birth.

I have to try to keep track of his behaviour between now and next tuesday to let his pdoc know how he did. How do I know whether he's just being a busy little 5 year old, or being hyperactive.

He seems to be doing so much better today, but still has not stopped talking to me or himself since he woke up. Positive note: knock on wood, we've had no obsessions today.

He's not climbing the walls or jiggling or jumping on the furniture but it is like watching a little worker bee buzzing around a hive.

I wish he had a little friend to play with or a brother I could compare him too. He has one cousin, but he has tourettes and issues of his own and they are like night and day so I can't use that as a comparasin.

I dunno, any comments?


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Wed, 05-21-2003 - 11:19pm

i am not an expert on this, but I do have two boys to compare/contrast. My oldest (almost 7) has adhd, and my middle son (4) does not. It is very clear to me now that the oldest son has been overly active-since birth. For example: up until he was 5 years old I ALWAYS had to have my hand on his hand or arm in parking lots. He would just take off running and not look ahead or behind him. But, by contrast the middle son-he could be trusted to stand right next to me while I unlocked the car doors, from around 20 months old. He just would never have thought to run away, and would stand holding onto my coat-if I did not hold onto him.

As far as furniture jumpping...etc. Both boys are equally guilty there. But, Cooper will constantly jiggle something with his feet, while watching tv. Or even lie accross a chair with his head hanging upside down while jiggling his feet in the air. Middle son, Max,just lies with his blankie. Still. At dinner time. Cooper appears to have a roller skate attached to his butt. He constantly slides off the chair or puts his feet up on the chair next to him, or stands up completely while eating. Max, has sat completely still in his chair at dinner time, since age 2.

Hope that helps!!

Take care,


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Thu, 05-22-2003 - 12:21am
Sorry to butt in but mine's an only as well. OMG too funny!!!!

You mean they are supposed to stay with you in parking lots???? Mine will be 8 in a couple of weeks and I still hang on to her. As for eating dinner sitting down, what's that. She wakes up talking and moving and never stops till bed time, is this not normal????? 5 different locks on my front door till she was 6, otherwise she was out the door talking to the newspaper boy and anyone else who was around. She can still take off on me, there's just so many interesting things to see and do other than stay with boring old Mom.


I know what you mean, I never knew what normal was either. Still don't for that matter. When I get asked that question lately, which seems to be a lot, I can only tell by thinking back too see how many times I was in tears or at the end of my rope during that time. Last week for example we started her on med #7 Risperdal, had a great week. Got to school on time ever day, got a bit of homework done and I don't recall crying or wanting to murder her even one time. So that's what I tell the Dr. and he seems to be able to figure it out from there.


I am still laughing Ellen, your post really struck a nerve!


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Thu, 05-22-2003 - 12:03pm
Only child here too. AND, I have gotten soooo many comments on how his behavior is because he is an only child, I could just scream!!I have a friend who has 3 kids & she is told that her son's behavior is because she has so many kids, go figure.

What I did was observe Joiner at his day care. I noticed he was a bit different when he was 16 months old! He didn't toddle away from the day care working playing I'm going to get you, He ran. He bit every kid, they moved him to the 2 year old room at 17 months old because he was too rough for the other kids. There he ran the room with an iron fist. He took toys away form kids, pushed htem down. He told me that the kids were not his friends & that he didn't like them, he was only 2 years old then.

Do normal kids have to be carried out of a store kicking & screaming, do normal kids have to be reminded that church isn't the place to yell loudly, or crawl on the floor, or want you to read them a book? Well maybe for a 3 y/o it is but not an almost 8 y/o. What I would do for you assignment is just write down what he is doing. Talking non stop all day IS a sign, so is going from one toy to another, to another, to another. And note sleeping problems, what time he goes to bed, if he wakes up & what time he gets up in AM.

One personal thing I have observed in Joiner is when he is manic, his pupils are huge, you hardly see any color of the eye. His ears light up bright red too. May be a med reaction, or a sign of BP. There is a study going on about the body thermostat, bpers may not be able to regualte their body temp correctly. May be why Joiner at times wears long pants & long sleve shirts in the dead heat of summer, or why he wants to wear shorts in the winter. Anyway, just a few things for you to look for other than hyperactivity. It's very hard for me to figure out if a behavior is from mania or adhd. Joiner's Pdoc says you look at other symptoms like sleep.

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Thu, 05-22-2003 - 2:16pm
His concentration level is still not that great. I don't know how he would do in a school setting rather than the amount of compromising and discussing we do during the day to keep the meltdowns at bay. He also turns red, cheeks and ears around 2pm every day. I've seen him outside in sweats when I'm laying on the couch barely covered with sweat pouring out of me, and running around in the snow in the back yard with pj pants on and no shoes.

He's better than he was, he's not jumping from one activity to another quite as much, but I think it's just the fact that he now continually changes his mind and tells me he's switching changing his movie 4 times before he finds one he wants to watch.

As for his pupils, I thought that was what he was supposed to look like lol, they are always huge unless he's sleepy an hour after his seroquel.

More seroquel is working better, he's on 12.5 at supper now, but I think he could be helped even more if we go up to 25mg. It's still taking him until 10/11 pm to fall asleep even after giving him the seroquel at 7pm.


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Fri, 05-23-2003 - 11:05am
Activity level is on a continuum - there isn't a "line" that you cross between regular activity and hyperactivity. There are many behaviors that factor into the activity level, and we need to consider all of them. For example, talking (my kids NEVER seem to shut up), moving from one activity to another without finishing, etc. Typically boys are more active than girls - but that is just in general. Some girls are more active, and some boys are less active. It's also helpful to have ratings done by the teacher in addition to the parent - the teacher can compare your child's activity level to others in the class, where all we have for comparison is a sibling (who may have ADHD as well!).

I hope this helps - look at the overall behavior over time.