I should have insisted on starting after

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I should have insisted on starting after
Fri, 05-16-2003 - 10:28am
a week with no medication. How the heck do I know what's working and what isn't. The seroquel did not make Jamie sleepy. I don't know whether he was being "active" in a way he would have without the clonodine or if the seroquel agitated him. All I know is that he was jumping on me on the bed at midnight.

I should have started with a drug free kid and tried other things to see how he reacts. I don't know if the ritalin is making him cycle, because he's been very wierd and hyper these last few days, and the seroquel WOULD work if he wasn't so manic, respirdol always made him hyper and he's still taking that too.

why not give him half a tab of seroquel instead of respirdol and seroquel. I'm sick of trying to be a chemist.

Another parent on another list told me that very low doses of seroquel have caused psychotic episodes and it's documented, her son is six and on 100mg, that's what I take.

I'm so close to turfing everything and giving him a med free 3 day weekend and start from there, but his doctor is saying absolutely not.

I can't take this much longer, my BP is suffering and I have no way to get any peace and I'm so worried that something I'm doing is triggering my son into becoming a monster.


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Fri, 05-16-2003 - 7:41pm
Call the doc on Mon if he is still not sleepy. Yes it is a very low dose to start off with. Joiner started off on 25 mil a day, 1/2 a pill AM & PM. He is up to about 87 mil a day spread out differently thru the day. It has taken a few months to get this much, we add 1/2 a pill each dose increase. Call the doc every time you see no change in behavior, I'd give it 3-4 days, because the doc will say you didn't give it time.