I wanted to share something...(M)

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I wanted to share something...(M)
Wed, 08-20-2003 - 1:25pm
I can guess that a lot of you have tried about every behavior modification known just as I have. Recently we decided to try another thing that we have tried before, but didn't stick to very well. It seems to have been working nicely.

I just stated a chip system here. I made lists of what my kids are expected to do everyday. The list is hung in their room and there is a list in the bathroom also. I separted morning and evening and other things. In the morning they are expected to get dressed, make their bed, brush their teeth, put pj's in the hamper. If they get all this done without being asked, except for the first couple weeks they can be reminded, and without complaining, they get a chip. In the evening they are expected to shower, put dirty clothes in hamper, get clothes out for next day, brush teeth, have their room picked up and the living room, and when school starts their backpacks at the back door. They get a chip for that also. Then they are also expected to have their towels hung up and the shower curtain closed and the bethroom in order. If that is done they also get a chip. I just say did you check your list and they know. They can also earn chips for clearing their dishes without being asked and cleaning the hamster cage and helping in anyway asked or without being asked will even earn more. If they are good in a store they get chips and if they play good together they get them. Yesterday they left the beach with no complaining and they got chips. Then at the end of the week they can cash them in. Each chip is worth 5 cents. But they can also turn them in for other things. We know that money talks, but we don't like to pay them for helping the family. So they can turn them in for the 5 cents a piece or they can turn them in for things like this...

10 chips can be one of the following...

1 hr of playing with mom or with dad or with both.

a movie rental from the library

1 hr later bedtime

20 chips can be...

lunch out with mom or dad

a trip to the ice cream place

a movie rental from the movie store

a video game rental from the movie store

That's all we have right now on the list, but if the kids come up with something we can add it to the list at any time. They can also save their chips towards something bigger. If they want to do lunch with one of us and they only have 10 chips at the end of the week, they can save them till the next week and try for 10 more. We will have things like 40 for a trip to the movies, or 60 we can go to chuck e cheese. All of the things they earn are things we do together and it seems to be working great. This week they had accumulated 42 chips each after 2 weeks of collecting them. We were out of town last week and it was harder to do. My 5 1/2 yr old dd picked 1.00 for a surprise bag at the dollar tree and lunch out with dad. My 9 1/2(adhd) picked a trip to the ice cream place and lunch out with dad. But this morning he said he wanted to change it to lunch out with mom. They each kept 2 chips towards next week. They each have their own cups that I have control of and we never take chips away. We want it to only be a positive thing. If they do something wrong we stick to the time in their room and we use 123. We use poker chips for the chips.

I also have them both working on things they need to improve on. My dd needs to stop screaming when we brush her hair. When she does this, she gets a chip. She does not have adhd nor anywhere near the signs of it. My ds is working on chewing with his mouth closed. It could be also done so that every time they do something they are asked or stop something they are asked, they get a chip. Even things we think are miniscule, they could get a chip for. For instance, you ask them to go get their teeth brushed and they do, they get a chip. It could be started that way, so that they are getting chips more often and see the positive part more quickly, rather then they way we are doing it right now with the set of things being accomplished. Later it could be moved to more things getting chips, like the set of things. Of course, it could also be done so that chips are turned it everyday, so they see the outcome of having chips more frequently. For some kids a week might be too long. So that at the end of the day, they might have 10 chips, and they can have a half hour of the computer for that, or the gameboy, or a half hour of playing with mom or dad at the end of the day.

I just wanted to share this system we use here, in case it might help someone with things that are very difficult when raising and adhd child.


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Wed, 08-20-2003 - 1:37pm

I hope the Chip system works for you. It doesn't work with my SD, but making her sit down and write a note to her father and handing it to him and watching his reaction is enough torture for her and usually gets results.

Let me know how it works for you. I'm just not sure if it would work for a 13yo who is going through the defiance stage again. Keep us posted.





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Thu, 08-21-2003 - 9:18am
Thank you for this!!! I think I am going to start doing this. MY ds is 4 1/2, we think he is ADHD. Very active never stops going. He has all the major symptoms. He never seems to respond to anything other the positive reinforcement. I think this would be a perfect thing for him. Just wanted to thank you for the idea.



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