If I remember right?

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If I remember right?
Thu, 06-12-2003 - 11:06am
Isnt there someone on this board who has a son that suffers from migraines? I have suffered from them since I was 7, my son is 6. Mine are finally under control with diet exercise and preventative meds. We have made him a neurologist appt. Can someone tell me what they do at the ped. neurologist. we are taking him to the same group that I went to but I am sure things have changed as far as testing, meds, etc.



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Fri, 06-13-2003 - 7:22am
When we first put my son, then 5 y/o, on fast release Ritalin (10 m), he had two migraines. Like you this has been a personal plight for me for years, so I was very upset. At that point we switched him to concerta (20 m). As it was a slow release med, he didn't get any more migraines, but he was over-medicated and experienced social withdrawal because his teacher said it wasn't as effective and we kept upping the dose. Now we are back on 10 milligrams of fast release twice a day. (or as needed in the summer).

As soon as he was having a migraine, we were referred to a neurologist on the spot. He got an eeg and CAT scan. There was another test to rule out seizure disorder as well. I think. Anywho, he basically got every test I'd gotten for my migraines. Just all over a 72 Hr period. All the doctors took it very seriously.

He has not had any migraines after the two. Of course, his school thought he'd had a seizure. It took them a while to accept it wasn't a seizure. Fortunately my pediatrician sends his kids to the same school and I think he finally got them to see it wasn't a seizure. Because I've had migraines, I new in the car going to the hospital it was a migraine. No noise, no lights, just wanted to crawl under his car seat. It was fall, so I gave him my jacket to cover his head.

The one test where they monitored his sleep was the hardest as I had to keep him up for 24 hours before the test. We went to Wal-mart and Dunkin Donuts and the beach. Nothing they did hurt, and he didn't freak out about any of it.