info needed on strattera???

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info needed on strattera???
Wed, 05-21-2003 - 12:05pm
hi I'm wondering if anyone can give me the good, bad and the ugly on strattera.

My son will be starting this soon. Everything I've read on it is good news I find

it hard to believe that there isn't as much bad written about it.

My son is 6 and in kindergarten. Next year he will be in an accellerated classroom,

academically he is right on or above his peers, but socially he has impulsive issues.

that make it hard to have him in public situations, like playing t-ball or soccer, becaue he can't pay attention long enough.

Will strattera help? will he loose wieght? what should I expect?

any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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Wed, 05-21-2003 - 11:09pm

I started strattera myself this week, and posted a note under another nearby strattera question post. You can read my experience. It has been very positive, in the first week.

Plus, you asked about appetite. My appetite is back to normal for the first time in awhile. I was previously on adderall and am 5'8, weighing 115 lbs. That is why my dr put me on Strattera. I gained 2 pounds this week!!! How great it is to eat food again, and not have to choke it down because it tastes like sand!!!

Good luck!


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Thu, 05-22-2003 - 6:28am
What I've found is that all meds work differently for each kid. My DS (Kevin, 11) was on Strattera from mid-Jan until now (we're weaning him OFF it, with maybe 2 more days to go before he's off completely.) Despite increasing the dose, there was no benefit to him in taking this med. He had no negative side effects per se (although I do think that it has contributed to his difficulty in getting up in the a.m., which has always been a bit of a problem for him, but worse in the past few months.) He had a lot of success (for like 16 months) on Concerta, and we opted to switch to Strattera earlier in the year when the Concerta was starting to lose it's effectiveness. But, we increased Strattera up to 60 mg, and even added a small dose of a stimulant, without much success ... so, we're getting him off this.

This is a new drug, only out since January, so there probably is limited amount of info (good or bad) on it. There's a lot on the ADHD Teens board where lots of kids are on it.

The "good" to this is that it's supposed to have a '24 hour effect' which is an overstatement ... it's longer than Concerta or Adderall XR, but it is NOT 24 hours! It's also a non-stimulant, so supposedly many of the side effects (weight loss, sleeplessness) aren't as prevalent. But, like I said, for us, it was a bust.

Hope you have better luck. They do have a website ... I think it's ... just remember that this is put out by the manufacturer, so they will only talk about the good stuff!



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Thu, 05-22-2003 - 6:35pm
Wow, am I glad you posted and I lurked today. I don't recognize you from ADHD Teen but I'd post this to our Treatment Folder.

You just totally opened my eyes (from your adult view)- everything just makes so much sense now.

My son is 15.5y - 10th gr - ADHD/OCD/Depression. He has been on Strattera since April - and with an awful, bumpy start - this med works for us. I do see a 24hr effect - except on Sat & Sunday because he gets up anywhere from 3-5 hrs later than his usual dose time.

Last night I received the results from the State of California High School Exit Exam that you have three years to pass. His percentages were all in the 90's and with English/writing his worst subject - was in the 90's too. He was on Strattera when he took this test. That's all I needed to see.

Anyway - thank you so much for your insight.


I just read my post and my son has been on Strattera since March NOT April (9 weeks)

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Fri, 05-23-2003 - 12:01am
My DS 7 yo started strattera in February I was concerned about the weight loss issue because he is only "48 and 42 lbs. You should know that it takes about 4-6 weeks for the meds to take an optimal effect. I was relieved that his appetite did not decrease in fact it seems to have increased. Moreover, he is much more focused during after school activities. He still need occassional redirection but it much less than last year. Good Luck