Jamie's med changes

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Jamie's med changes
Wed, 05-28-2003 - 5:53pm
NO Ritalin

No Clonidine

Starting depakote 125mg once a day eff tomorrow

increasing seroquel to 25mg at night

wish us luck


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Wed, 05-28-2003 - 10:54pm
WOOHOOO YEAHH!!!!!!!!!! Hope this helps!
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Wed, 05-28-2003 - 11:46pm
My ds takes Depakote and Risperdal and it has made a world of difference. Just keep in mind that 125mg is an incredibly low dose. They started Levi on that dose also to check for bad reactions and then it took a good 6-8 months of perfecting the dose. He is currently on 875mg in the am and 375mg in the pm. The dose use to be more evenly distributed but he was VERY tired during the day. I started seeing positive changes in about 3 weeks.


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Thu, 05-29-2003 - 11:31am
Good luck, Elspeth!!! How's it going so far? I'm not very familiar with Depakote (or Ritalin, tho we've tried Concerta), but one thing I will say is that Clonidine has been a godsend for us, since ds has pretty bad insomnia. But some kids do react badly to it, with increased aggression, so if that's the case, then hopefully removing it will help.

Keep us posted --