light at the end of the rainbow (long)

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light at the end of the rainbow (long)
Tue, 09-15-2009 - 6:26am

This is my sons story i hope its gives others hope regarding medication

Nathan was dagnosed at 7 yrs old with ADHD and i was told at school that he needed medication or he wouldnt be welcome back at school. At that i was rather shocked and annoyed that they would or could say that to, a parent,the teacher and principal have since left the school.

Anyway off i went to the pediatrician and after an hour and a half appointment Nathan was diagnosed with ADHD so i was asked to try Ritalin,in saying that a year and half i tried not feeding him sugar or lollies and it didnt make any difference to his attitude or behavior. We also tried kids fishoil and adults fishoil to no difference either.So off i went and got the mediaction it turned him into a zombie and he had less personality than a glass of water lol so back i went after 3 mths and got concerta and that was a marked improvement he at least would talk to me and his schoolwork improved.Nathan took many years to make friends as kids tend not to like ppl that throw things around the classroom or yell at them.We tried meds for 4 years it was hard but at least we persisted upping his dose as he grew.

And now we come to the best part or Nathan's story he is now 12 and no longer on meds we took him off at 10 years and 6 mths and never looked back im not saying everyone should do this because it doesnt work for everyone i did get told that fishoil tablets worked for some kids and then meds worked for others im not against meds because if they work go for it.

Nathan plays football for our local team and hasnt been given the adhd stigma that exists at our school parents will still not invite him to parties because he had adhd but everyone at football loves him and hes a happy !@yr ols looking forward to highschool next year(we live in Australia) and now he has tonnes of mates and his schoolwork is the best

So i say this to people that despair their children have been diagnosed there is a light at the end of the rainbow love your children whatever their diagnosis and give them a lot of stimulation inside and outside school they will thank you for it later on

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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 2:52pm

How great to hear that his ADHD got better over time and he was able to get off of medication. We're hoping the same happens with our son, but for now the Concerta is a necessity.

Thanks for sharing your story!

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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 3:41pm

HI, and welcome

I hate to say it, and

A child may HAVE ADHD, but it is not what they ARE. Never tell a child they ARE ADHD.