Math Update~

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Math Update~
Mon, 05-26-2003 - 8:36am
Well I have an update. My son's teacher was the one having kids do a math fact page at the beginning of freetime- if they hadn't learned all these facts by now. I had several discussions with her and finally we reached an answer. Honestly- even the GOOD teachers know very little about ADHD. She is an excellent teacher but when it came to this topic, she just figured he must not be trying! I told her the BIGGEST misconception about ADHD kids, is laziness. I didn't let up (I think she doesn't tune me out because I'm a teacher) and told her that he would do the page easier in pieces. That 100 facts overwhelm him. So I think she wanted to "test' it out..and she had him use a piece of white paper with a quarter of the page cut out to cover the page. SO he could only see a quarter of the page at a time. He had such a better time doing it that way, that from now on that's how he'll do it. She met with me to excitedly tell me this, as if she discovered it. I love her, I'm just frustrated at the lack of knowledge of ADHD, within our school system. Myself-- i only know as much as i do from reading 999 books and articles and it wasn't thru teaching, but parenting! Suddenly with this option (using that cover sheet) he is happier about the math facts!

These kids need some modifications and sometimes teachers look at my son and think here's this kid with an extremely high reading level- he's bright etc. "Why shoud he need modifications?".. makes me so frustrated. He's ADHD- and I think every school year of his life, I will be up to bat for him it seems.