Med TX method - have U tried?

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Med TX method - have U tried?
Thu, 03-25-2010 - 5:27pm

My son, 7, was just diagnosed with ADHD and unrelated muscle control/development issues. Not a something new for us as I have known since he was really young that he was different than other kids, I just needed to know what I was dealing with so I can help him best.

We homeschool, and the Dr. said that we should not do medications right now as it is working for us. I let him move around a lot, give him accomodations as such and use trampoline, exercise ball and core stability disk to help him focus.

But as I am new to this I am trying to read up on ADHD and got the only book that the library had last week, "The ADD Answer" by Dr. Frank Lawlis. In the book he is against long term medication use, but does have a method for using it short term that he says helps some but not all families.

His method is to get the prescribed drug, and give it to the child with a strong tasting/smelling drink or food that the child has not had before. The child learns (with some imagery) to associate the medication effects with the strong food/drink. After a couple of weeks the medication is supposed to be stopped and just the food/drink is continued for the next year to train the body to produce on its own what it needs to function in a manner similar to when the medication is used.

In a way, this makes sense to me - Pavlov's dogs, and even antidepressants (in some but not all cases.) That basically you put the brain in the "right" mode and it is trained to continue on doing that. He did say this did not work for all families - it took a lot of dedication to continue with the food/drink that sometimes had to be concocted by the family for a year.

Has anyone tried this method, for your child or yourself? Did it work? For how long? It does seem like an interesting alternative if/when our family decides that medication is needed.

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Thu, 03-25-2010 - 6:58pm

First of all, Dr. Lawlis has a doctorate, in psychology, but is not a DOCTOR (MD). Next, ADD is caused by a deficiency in the neurotransmitter norepinephrine. Either not enough is produced, or what is produced is reabsorbed too quickly. Dr Lawlis technique MAY work on bodily functions that are under our control, but I would hesitate to believe this would cause the body of an ADDer to produce the correct amount of norepinephrine, for the correct period of time, any more than it would cause the body of a diabetic to produce the correct amount of insulin.

Here is more, and appropriate, information for you... (read sections on ADD and Executive Dysfunction)

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Thu, 03-25-2010 - 7:39pm

My original post was deleted due to slow computer...I did want to say in there that it seemed rather anecdotal.

Still, depression is caused by incorrect balances of chemicals in the brain too - but most people do not stay on meds for the rest of their lives. (Myself and my sister being cases in point.)

But, anecdotal or not, I am still interested if anyone has tried this method and their may be that if it worked for them that they don't need this board anymore...but I am interested in hearing about failures too.

I am not trying to judge anyone for what they chose to do with doctor advice for their own family. I am not looking to debate this method - just has anyone tried it?

I will certainly look into those links, thanks!