Methylphenidate (extended)

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Methylphenidate (extended)
Tue, 01-24-2012 - 1:11pm


My son is only 5, and he was taking Vyvanse, which we were able to open (capsule), and mix into his juice. We have moved out of state, and our new insurance company will not cover Vyvanse, so our new doctor has prescribed Methylphenidate ER, which I understand is just a generic for Ritalin. Well, this is a regular pill, and my son is having problems swallowing it whole. Today is his first day, and I crushed the pill and put it in his juice, before reading the insert that says 'do not crush' and 'swallow whole'. He seems to be doing just fine.

Does anyone know why they say to not crush the pill? Does anyone crush them anyway? And does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to teach a child to swallow pills whole??



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Wed, 01-25-2012 - 1:08pm

They don't want you to crush the pill because it's extended release, which means that it release the medication over a period time so that it lasts longer. If you crush it, he's getting more than he needs initially, and it won't last as long. I'm surprised you were able to do that with Vyvanse, my son is on it and the bottle has the same warnings.

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Thu, 01-26-2012 - 6:10pm
It cannot be crushed, it affects the delivery system, he would be getting the entire dose all at once.

Try Putting it in a psoonful of pudding or applesauce, and also try swallowing tic tacs or M&M's
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Sun, 01-29-2012 - 3:39pm
I am new here, haven't even posted an introduction yet or anything, but I had a suggestion about swallowing pills if your child isn't allergic. My 9 year old has trouble swallowing his acid reflux pills with just liquid, so I borrowed a pill swallowing method that I use with our dogs! Peanut Butter and milk/juice! Put some peanut butter on the end of a small spoon, insert the pill into the peanut butter so it covers the whole pill and give it to your son like you did when he was an infant. Chase it down with some milk or juice (thicker liquids help it go down better than just water) and it usually goes down smoothly for my son. HTH!
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Thu, 03-29-2012 - 10:06pm
practice practice practice
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Tue, 04-03-2012 - 11:22pm

We have the same problem. My daughter has PDD-NOS, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. She can't stand the way the pill feels in her mouth, and is afraid to swallow it. What we've been doing is putting the pill in a tablespoon of applesauce. She gulps the whole spoonful down, and it's not a problem. We're now working on using liquids in a spoon, and will work up to actually putting the pill in her mouth.


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