My 7 yr old has accidents..........

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My 7 yr old has accidents..........
Tue, 09-09-2003 - 2:47pm
I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with their children with ADHD having bathroom accidents? My son is 7 and he has accidents about once a month. It seemed like he had them more about 6 months ago when he was on Ritalin and I thought maybe it was a side effect of the Ritalin (my doctor said no) but now he is on Strattera and he still has them occasionally. Sometimes he wets the bed at night and sometimes at school. Today he wet his pants at school, the story I was told is that he was trying to get the teacher's attention and she didn't see him in time. I am really concerned about the effects this will have on him if it continues, especially at school because he already has a hard time keeping friends due to his impulsivness, he usually ends up hurting them. His Dr. thinks it's more of an issue of the ADHD and that he waits to long but I was wondering if anyone else has dealt with this or has any info.
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Tue, 09-09-2003 - 10:48pm
We sure have had our dealings with wetting. Up until a month ago my son had to wear a pull up at night. He even wet through that some nights. We messed around with his meds (for his mood disorder he takes Seroquel and Depakote) and that has pretty much cleaned up.

He does has some "leakage" at school. Most times when Joiner says he has to go, it is almost too late. He doesn't feel the need to go until the very last second he has to go. The doc says he has an immature bladder. It's that or he just doesn't want to stop and take time to go. At any rate he has a change of clothes in a large zip lock bag in his book bag. If he has an accident, he can change his clothes and put the wet ones in the zip lock. His teacher knows about this and if he needs to take his book bag to the bathroom she will know why, and he can hold it in front of him so no one can see.

I have explained to Joiner that if he feels the need to go, GO! If the teacher doesn't see him, go up to her. He has yet to wet himself because a teacher wouldn't let him go to the bathroom. I would be upset if that happened.

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Wed, 09-10-2003 - 6:43am
You know, my cousin when I was growing up had accidents until he was like 8 or 9. his were #2 and occasionally #1. My Aunt got the school to let him just get up and go to the potty without having to get permission. I know that helped a lot for him, not having the stress of having to ask permission. About ten years ago, the same thing happened to my bosses son. Around the same age. She just left a change of clothes at the nurses office JIC. I think this is not uncommon for kids regardless of AD/HD or just loosing track of time. Some kids just can't "go" on a schedule.