My dd is driving me Nuts

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My dd is driving me Nuts
Sun, 06-22-2003 - 9:29pm
My 6 yr old dd is driving me Insane!

For a bit of background my husband is Army National Guard and at the moment he is deployed to the Sand Box so i know this is part of the problem.. BUT..

Every little thing she goes Ballistic Over! today in church she was playing with a Rubberband instead of listening so i let her because i could see in her eyes something would happen if i were to take it away.. So guess what.. She dropped it and it went under the chairs in front of us too far for her to pick up.. So she starts crying and whining and i ask her to leave with me to get her to calm down and SHE WONT... I know if i try to make her leave she will cause a Huge Scene... She has done this recently in Kroger over a box of Animal Crackers.... Target over something stupid... I dont know how to deal with her at the moment... I hve tried talking to her about what is going on.. But its not working either... I at the moment could send her to The Sandbox and she would have all matters cleared up IMMEDIATELY with just 1 Tantrum

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