My son's new eating habits...

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My son's new eating habits...
Fri, 04-04-2003 - 6:24am
This is not a gripe, I'm actually quite happy. Jamie stayed home with me for the first six months he was on ritalin. He was on the instant release and got his last dose at 3pm. Trying to catch those precious 15 minute windows to get him to eat was almost impossible because he rebounded so bad you couldn't catch him long enough to get him to eat anything.

End result he dropped 8 pounds of his 36lb little body. He looked awful. When he went back to preschool, because of the strict schedule he would eat because all the other kids were eating, but not as much as the other kids did and he gained back 2lbs.

He started taking ritalin SR and of course now he's home with me again. My greatest fear was that he would stop eating again. What a surprise. For example today he had chicken nuggets, a whole tomato, glass of milk and bag of popcorn for breakfast, he won't start wanting food again until around 2:30 but he'll eat all afternoon and into the evening. He's actually gaining weight.

I know his breakfast choices are sort of weird but I don't care as long as he eats it. The ritalin SR is much better than the instant stuff