Natural medicine for ADHD

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Natural medicine for ADHD
Sun, 10-17-2010 - 7:38pm


My daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD.

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Start by looking at the website of the Feingold Association, the grassroots parent group helping eliminate food dyes.

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Well my son had been diagnosed in first grade because most physicians cannot correctly disgnose ADHD until after age 5. So definitely wait for reassessment. One thing that is COMPLETELY natural that you can try is Juice Plus+. My son has been taking it for almost a month now and is showing drastic improvement and he has been on Stimulants since age 6. So for the last 3 years! Juice Plus is Whole Food Nutrition. It is 17 different fruits, vegetables and grains in a capsule or chewable. It is kosher, gluten free and pesticide free. Many doctors believe that ADHD is caused by oxidative stress in the body and there is a ton of research behind Juice Plus+ from MAJOR universities. If you have any questions feel free to me. Go to my contact info is on the webpage and I really look forward to helping you in a natural way. Medication is no fun believe me, my son and I are living it and hoping to be free of it very soon.

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I Strongly agree with cutting out all Dyes...if you look at

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I agree with the previous poster. Diet can go a long way with ADHD. In addition to artificial dyes, etc, artificial sweeteners (high fructose corn syrup) sets my DS off. If he eats something with HFCS in it, he starts bouncing off the walls. You could also try getting her evaluated by an Occupational Therapist. Ours helped tremendously - and it's something I wish we had done at 3 (instead of waiting until 7), but my DS also has sensory issues that exasperate the ADHD.
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Hi, and welcome

I agreee with waiting, especially if