Need some advice

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Need some advice
Mon, 09-15-2003 - 3:16pm
My son is 9/has ADHD. Loving and sweet..and we have no other children, but do have two dogs. The second dog we got one year ago this fall. The dog has been trouble ever since. Medically there are some issues going on with the dog that we cannot afford to keep up, and we have discussed the possibility of having someone adopt him that can. I know of a family out of state who is offering to take him in. They specialize in the breed etc. I have done all I can to try and see that this is a last option mainly for my son's sake. It is looking more and more like we may need to go that route. HOW do i handle this with my son. I KNOW honesty is best, that is what I will use. We've told him it's a possibility all along now, but my son always asks "Are we keeping him?" and I AM SO afraid of breaking his heart. I know it is inevitable. But do you have any ideas that will help this out, make this easier?? :( :(
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Mon, 09-15-2003 - 3:42pm
Giving up the dog will be hard, there is no way around that. If your son is broken hearted, just be there for him. Let him grieve, let him know that you are also sad at loosing the dog, but reassure him that it is best for the dog in the long run, and that is what is truly important. Maybe the adoptive family will send some pictures of the dog settling in.


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Tue, 09-16-2003 - 11:12pm
Pets give us some good lifes lessons. Do what is best for the dog, and let your son feel his feelings. There is no way around it. Be there for him, and help him understand what is best for the dog. Let your son know that you miss the dog too, and that what he is feeling is normal. In time he will understand that what had to be done was the best thing.

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Wed, 09-17-2003 - 1:15am
We recently faced allmost the same issue, ecxept with a cat instead of a dog. I tried to make it easier by giving DD a little advanced warning and making sure that she had time to say goodbye to the cat. The key was alittle time not a lot. We told her the day before and arrange for the new people to pick the cat up around 10am. So she didnt have to much time to dwell on it but did get to say goodbye. Then a friend of ours kept tabs on things for a couple of weeks and emailed us updates. It did not make it easy, but was not as bad as I had feared.

The truth of the matter is in life we face loss/change all the time, and there is no way to keep our children from it no matter how bad we wish we could. It can be harder with a special child, but it will not nessacarily be devistanting.

good luck to you and yours.