New to this adhd and sure how to deal with all that I'm feeling

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New to this adhd and sure how to deal with all that I'm feeling
Wed, 09-14-2011 - 12:39am

My little DD is 7 and I have had the concern for over a year that she was ADD but not ADHD. She showed more signs of

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(((HUGS))) snichy, it's hard to get the diagnosis, but in the long run the sooner the better. You've done nothing wrong, although I know what it's like to want to blame yourself for it. My son is also ADHD/Inattentive, and it's a tough road to watch them walk. It's a very hard decision to put them on meds, but the alternatives can be much scarier. Their self-esteem can take such a hit when they are diagnosed later on in life (or never at all). I'm really glad that you are going to therapy, that can help a lot to reassure you that you are making the right choices.

While she might never outgrow it, working with her now will set her on a path to become a successful, happy adult. For me, the diagnosis helped me to better parent my son because you learn that there are things they can't control and you learn how to deal with them better . Good luck, we'll be here for you!

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Hi, and welcome. There is no "ADD", there is ADHD with different subtypes. What used to be referred to as ADD is now ADHD/Innattentive type.

SHe would need to be seen by a Neuropsychologist, or Child Psychologist for a full evaluation. Filling out papers and checklists is not an eval.
I would ask for a referral and go from there, it will only get better for her once you know her needs . You will also need a Psychiatrist if you choose meds as an option.

No, she will never grow out of it, ADHD does not go away, she will possibly have to take meds all of her life, if you choose meds as an option.