New here...have a question on 504 issue

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New here...have a question on 504 issue
Tue, 05-06-2003 - 1:25pm
Hi, my name is Perla. I have 3 kids, 2 of wich are ADHD. The question I have is about my dd who is in 7th grade. We had a meeting with her teachers and I asked about her 504 and her science teacher(who has a dd with ADD) said that my dd did not qualify for 504, b/c she thinks that my dd is "pulling one over us". She says that is not that she can't do her work, but that she refuses to do it. Like she gave up and is not motivted. There was also a book that they showed me that said that the impairmnet must "substantually"(sp?) limit her learning, which they said it does not. She had a 504 since she was in 4th middle school they updated it, but the Science teacher here says that that what is in her ecords is NOT a 504, it's more of behavior an assignment book with teacher signature..have her sit in front of class, extra set of books at home, modify any tests if necessary and stuff like that. So how do I know if she really qualifies for a 504? She is currently failing all her classes, she has a 5th grade reading level..she is currently in Tittle 1 Reading and Math...I think it's like remedial. We live on a military base in AZ and this Science teacher said she used to be the 504 cordinator for 7 yrs, so she says that she is experinced and sees that my dd is capable of doing work, and is smart, but she just doesn't want to do her work. We are also going to hold a meeting for keeping her back in 7th grade, the same teacher does that also. I just don't know what to think, My dd was diagnosed with ADHD, depression, mood and conduct diorder, anxiety..from different DR's so what do I really believe? She is just unmotivated and she sleeps a lot, is moody most of the day, but yet when dh worked with her yesterday she did the work, then she will forget to turn it on or looses it....I'm just really confused as to what to do? Hold her back, let go to 8th grade, tell the school that she needs a "real" 504(which I have no clue what a real one is)...please help!! We just moved here so we finally found a Dr and a theraphist and she will have an appt with them next week.. She is on Effexor now. I know this is long, but I don't know where else to turn for advice..Thank you all for reading if you got this far...:-)