New to Meds - DS can't swallow!!

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New to Meds - DS can't swallow!!
Sun, 09-07-2003 - 7:22pm
I have a seven yr old that we are just starting on Strattera. (After much discussion, many delays, lots of anxiety, lots of concern) I feel this is the right course for him, but after two days I can't get the dose into him!!!!!

I was in tears this morning after trying, once again to get him to swallow the capsule to no success. Sprinkling in OJ didn't work day one, yogurt day two (first the capsule than sprinkling) didn't work either. My DS regurgitated half of what he swallowed.

I'm concerned if this is really the best course after we both were crying. He has always had a thing with food texture and I was concerned before I even started done this route. It hardly seems worth all the stress it causes.

SOOO can anyone help??? Does it get easier? How do you stick to the plan? Any hints what to mix the med into? Or how to get him to swallow the capsule?

My tears are for my son, not my fustration. I love him so much and only want what is best, but I also don't want to tramutize him over getting medication into him. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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Sun, 09-07-2003 - 7:28pm
Practice with M&Ms or Tic Tacs. He needs to learn to SWALLOW the pill. I'm not sure if you're supposed to open the capsule or any of that, but if he doesn't swallow the whole pill then he isn't really getting the right dose. Some stimulants come in liquid form ... yuck! But, the sooner they can actually take a pill, the better ... and practicing with something they enjoy eating is less stressful or fearful than a pill. If it's o.k. to mix, hiding it in strong flavors (chocolate syrup, Hawaiian Punch) is best. I've been known to make anti-biotic Jell-O jigglers for my DD who HATES meds ... making them in ice cube trays, letting the Jell-O cool before pouring it in, and putting a full 'dose' of meds in each cube. Not sure if this will help with Strattera or not, but it might be worth a shot. But, having everyone upset and stressed out over a pill cannot be beneficial, to anyone.




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Sun, 09-07-2003 - 7:46pm
Try to get him to swallow tic tacks. They are easy to use. I tought my son how to swallow meds by telling him to put the pill at the very end of his tongue. Then take a big swallow of water & hold his head back & swallow the water.
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Sun, 09-07-2003 - 7:55pm
Nancy's right....practice with M&M's or TicTacs. Start with the mini M&M's.

When DS started, he was on ritalin - a fairly small little pill. I cut it in 1/4 the first day and "hid" each quarter in a spoonful of applesauce (which has a little bit of 'texture' to it). That went well, so we moved up to a half, and then in a few days we moved up to the whole thing.

Now it's concerta which is a capsule and we still use the applesauce at home.

When he was taking the ritalin at school, the applesauce got to be too much of a mess for the office ladies to deal with, so he learned to take it with a spoonful of water. Still can't take it with a CUP of water, but can swallow it down in a teaspoon of water with no problem. Go figure.

Good luck. He'll get it. Try not to stress too much about it.



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Sun, 09-07-2003 - 9:04pm
Try jelly. It is so great! we used the squeese bottle. It will slide right down his throat. Squeeze some on the spoon, then the pill, topped by more jelly.



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Tue, 09-09-2003 - 1:18pm
I got my son to swallow his capsules in applesauce - since it was a little lumpier than yogurt it worked better to disguise the pill. Then suddenly one day, he decided to take his pills with juice like a big boy - I was amazed! Now he takes all three of his daily pills at one time, just like Mom. But boy, do I remember the initial frustration, gagging and spitting the pills across the room. I needed a tranquilizer after that experience! Try the applesauce and see if that helps.

One thing that concerns me - some pills you are not supposed to open and sprinkle because of the time release factor. Make sure your doctor says it is ok to open the capsule before trying it. I know with Concerta it must be swallowed or it will not work properly.