New-need opinion on my daughter

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New-need opinion on my daughter
Sun, 03-30-2003 - 11:20pm
Hi, I'm new here. I need your opinions on whether or not you think my daughter is ADHD. She's 7 1/2 and in second grade.

She doesn't pay attention well at school, but she still gets pretty good grades, and her teacher is amazed at her grades considering she doesn't pay much attention. She always has to fiddle around with something, or talk to someone, or anything else but pay attention. She gets very easily distracted. She doesn't disrupt the class or get up and walk around, etc. So, at school, it isn't too bad, but home is a different story.

At home, she literally bounces off the walls, she is so full of energy. She is always hurting her 4 year old sister because she is so reckless. I have to clear everything off the table while she does homework, because the smallest thing will distract her. I now have her do homework in her quiet room, and she's doing a little better. She cannot sit still for a second, at any given time. She always has to be moving, fiddling with things, etc. Sometimes I have to literally hold her down to get her to settle down or to ask her a question, etc. Occasionally she'll sit with us in "big church" instead of going to her Sunday school class, and she is constantly squirming around. I see other kids her age or younger who sit so quietly in church. During dinner, she gets up several times to show us something, get something, whatever. She just can't sit still. Also, at school she's kind of on the quiet side, but at home she's very very loud and yells a lot. (She probably learned the yelling from me, unfortunately.)

She also doesn't really like to read much - I have to force her. Often she doesn't comprehend what she's reading - she's just going through the motions of reading. She reads pretty good though, just isn't interested in it.

After I've typed all this up, it seems like she needs an outlet for all her energy, but she gets plenty of running around time at school and at home outside. Any suggestions of things I can do or if you think I should see a doctor or ??

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Mon, 03-31-2003 - 6:18am
Sounds like it could be....Not that I'm a doctor or play one on TV, you understand. ;-) If you check this board's resource site, their is a list of ADD/ADHD characteristics. It sounds like she has a bunch of them. Though sometimes these behaviors are caused by something else.

A book that you might find interesting - "Driven to Distraction".

I had my DS (7½ as well) evaluated by a psychologist and then followed up with my pediatrician.

Welcome and Good luck to you!



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