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Sun, 05-18-2003 - 5:18pm
Hi everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Laurie and my daughter Megan was just diagnosed with ADHD moderate/severe in March. She is currently on Straterra 40mg. for that and it is working ok. She started a lower dose (topped at 25mg.) in March and it helped for a few weeks and then nothing. So our ped. upped it to the 40 as she weighs 60lbs and is almost in between the different dosages. She is 10 and will be 11 in a few weeks. Should I see no ADHD symptoms with her meds. or is that just wishful thinking? We have not tried anything else yet because she also has other medical conditions that may limit what we can use. She had a nissen fundoplication to correct severe acid reflux disease and was already borderline failure to thrive so our ped. did not want to have her lose anymore weight. He said that sometimes that can happen with the stimulant meds. and she cannot vomit due to the way her stomach is wrapped around the base of the esophagus, so we are trying to avoid meds. that cause stomach ache or nausea. We had to do the Strattera in the p.m. to avoid that. I had a multifactored evaluation done with the school district and will have the results of that on the 28th. Has anyone qualified under other health impared for an IEP under the IDEA law? We also have an appointment with a psychologist on June 16th and are going to ask for a neuropsychological series of tests to be done to see if she only has ADHD. She has had chronic illness since she was 7 and we just now got a diag. of ADHD. She also has a lot of anger and I am wondering if that is part of the ADHD symptoms. Today was a bad day and so I am looking forward to networking with some other moms who have been there and are going through the same issues. Looking forward to talking with you...

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Wed, 05-21-2003 - 10:02am
Wow, sounds like you have a lot to deal with. I am blessed with a child who save milk allergies is a healthy child. He is 4.5 and inbetween diagnosis' of ADHD and Bipolar. I discovered yesterday that the label is not necessary just how they treat the symptoms.

Jamie has quite a bit of anger, it is more apparent when his medication is not working properly or if he's under a lot of stress. I agree with the lack of stimulants, Jamie does not eat a thing the entire time his Ritalin is working then turns into a one man eating machine when it wears off. He will soon be off of Ritalin and then hopefully we can get into a "eating 3 meals a day" routine. Currently now he eats a small breakfast and then he eats an endless pile of small meals from 5pm until 8pm.

He is only in the 40 percentile for his height and weight and it's almost embarrassing when he has to take off his shirt in public because it looks like we starve him. He is almost 5 and weighs 36lbs. A year ago this time he was a lot shorter and still weighed 36lbs. So he hasn't gained any weight in a year. He just gets taller and thinner. I haven't had to buy him new shorts for summer in 2 years, just bigger shirts for the length.

I hope the meds work for your daughter. I can't get Strattera here, I live in Canada and it hasn't been approved for use here.

Hugs to you


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Hi & welcome. My son is starting Strattera on Fri, he is starting with a very low dose of 10. Mostly because he also has a bipolar disorder & it can mess with their moods.

Most children who have adhd need some kind of behavior modification set in place to help curb behaviors. This usually consists of rewards for the wanted behaviors. Things like poker chips can be used, she can get one each hour if she is displaying the correct behavior & at the end of the day have a box of goddies she can trade so many (say 4) in for, after this has gone on for a while up the anty. The trick is to help her succeed at first, then make it a tad bit harder. You may want to read the bopok "1,2,3 Magic" many parents have had good success with this method. Also another good one is "The Explosive Child" by Ross Greene.

ADHD does fall under Other Health Impaired. It is a good idea to have a compete Neuro phych testing done. With her other problems she may be dealing with some depression. I hear the pre teens can be soooo much fun, NOT! My son is 7 almost 8, so I have a few years before all that starts up. Even though I have been told by psychs that he is like a teenager wrapped in a little body. We have LOTS of oppositional behaviors.